Mezzanine in a Double Height Extension in fashionable North London

Mezzanine in a Double Height Extension | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects

Our latest project is an exciting townhouse refurbishment in Stoke Newington. A feature mezzanine overlooks a newly created double-height space to the existing rear extension. Keen to stay in the area we decided to invest in an ambitious townhouse refurbishment and avoid the cost of relocating.  This ambitious project removes the first floor bedroom and bathroom to create a dynamic new living environment. The house is transformed.

The original house has a perfect aspect but  over heating challenges need to be addressed without losing natural daylight. The refurbishment provides a perfect opportunity to address the issues. With the ever increased energy costs there was an opportunity to reconsider the thermal efficiency of the house as a whole.

Our client is passionate about sustainability and eager to make their home as energy-efficient as possible. The new double height extension will be a a spacious, open-plan lower ground floor, with a dynamic dual aspect to the front and back and designed to be bright and airy. This holistic approach to thermal efficiency and sustainable living coupled with considered design sets a benchmark for future refurbishments.



A future proof London Townhouse powered by an Air Source Heat Pump

London Townhouse powered by an Air Source Heat Pump | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects

An ambitious townhouse refurbishment has reconfigured the conventional London townhouse hierarchy for modern living and incorporating an Air Source Heat Pump for a sustainable future. 

The London townhouse has some issues with its thermal performance, and with the client we were determined to address them through this refurbishment. As energy costs continue to rise, the project is an opportunity to reevaluate the house’s thermal efficiency and steer clear of relying on a gas combination boiler. 

Ensuring a sustainable future is of utmost importance to them, so they’re keen on making their house as energy efficient as possible. The focal point of their day to day life will be a spacious open plan lower ground floor. It will provide a bright and airy environment, centred around the kitchen, lounge and dining room extension.

To create this wonderful space, the kitchen is located centrally in a stunning double-height area, achieved by removing part of the raised ground floor. A new mezzanine leads to a unique metal staircase leading down to the new bespoke Danish made kitchen units, dining room, and extension. The new rear extension is constructed with highly insulated timber framed construction. A distinctive pyramidal shape provide a visual interesting roof that leads to a large glazed top light, allowing unobstructed views of the sky. Beyond the new extension, a new garden studio provides a dedicated workspace. It utilises the same highly insulated timber framed construction as the extension, ensuring energy efficiency is maintained throughout all the new elements of the home.

To the top floor the existing roof has been completely rebuilt with a new rear dormer conversion, improving the insulation of both the roof and walls to the highest standards while preserving the floor space. Each bedroom is equipped with custom-made wardrobes that cleverly utilise the generous roof void space.  To reduce their reliance on electricity, solar PV panels have been mounted on the large dormer roof conversion. These panels contribute to the sustainable energy strategy and lessen the environmental impact of the house as a whole.


Mansion Block Refurbishment with Roof Terrace

Mansion Block Refurbishment with Terrace | Architects for Fulham | forrester architects

A fine mansion block flat conversion is the same as it was when it was purchased the early 2000’s. It’s time for a full refurbishment and there is the potential to occupy provide a roof terrace accessed from the kitchen.  With a couple of minor interventions there is an opportunity to improve the living environment of the mansion block refurbishment with terrace.  The concept is based on the notion that the treatment of the core (bathroom and kitchen) will provide the basis of an architectural narrative for the refurbishment as a whole. With the potential to provide a private roof top terrace space there is great potential to enliven the aspect of the flat. A modest kitchen will be split to provide a galley configuration which will allow easy access to the new terraces space.


Timber framed awning to form roof terrace to Dalston Lane

Timber Framed Roof Terrace | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects

A new timber framed roof terrace will provide a new vibrant and functioning commercial venture to the rear of the existing warehouse building. There is a desire to introduce an external roof terrace space to allow fresh air and daylight into the large landlocked building. Securing a successful planning approval for the elaborate roof terrace structure and awning will provide the motivation to invest and reinstate new state of the art recording studios. This in return will foster increased local employment and sustain Arts, Cultural, and Entertainment facilities within the local area.

A south facing roof-space offers a perfect location and orientation for a roof terrace structure. To improve the overall visual appearance of the roofscape a sedum garden roof will extend along the length of the building. In addition, a series of beehives will be introduced which will contribute to a balance between nature and the continued light industrial use of the building.

A bank of solar panels will be introduced to contribute to the client’s responsive and sustainable environmental strategy which already involves the use of a newly installed Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP).


Step into the elegance of a new Mayfair boutique

London Shoe Boutique | Architects for Mayfair | forrester architects

Delighted  to announce forresterarchitects have completed another retail refurbishment for Rupert Sanderson’s latest London Shoe Boutique. The refurbishment seamlessly blends style and practicality, with redesigned workstations maximizing floor area and ensuring modern efficiency. The minimalist design of the gallery space provides an elegant backdrop for the latest trends. Reflecting a collaborative effort to meet the client’s needs, the design approach was a light touch, enhancing the existing features of the space and creating a welcoming retail environment for customers. The design of the boutique aims to reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the Rupert Sanderson brand. 


Concert Room to a duplex loft refurbishment

Concert Room Loft | Architects for Hampstead | forrester architects

A newly acquired duplex loft apartment provides the setting for a new concert room loft in North London. An extensive refurbishment involves remodelling the entire space to provide a personal venue for concerts and recitals. The double height gabled roof-space will be enlivened by revealing the existing king post trusses which provide a striking architectural back-drop to the main room. A curved open treaded stair leads from the mezzanine bar area which overlooks the concert room. Beyond the mezzanine, there is of course a green room for the guest performers. A number of ancillary spaces provide for food preparation and an extensive wine cellar to entertain.


A London loft is revitalised with a North facing skylight

London Loft | Architects for Finsbury | forrester architects

Forrester architects have breathed new life into a London duplex loft in North London with the addition of a north-facing skylight. This new aspect the bedroom floods the room with natural light. The new skylight not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the loft but also creates a sense of openness and airiness. The loft is perfectly located for easy access to the rail and tube network. The refurbishment aims to revitalise the property and realise its full potential. Acoustic floor separation will be added and extensive under-eaves storage spaces will be fully utilised. A simple palette will be adopted to reflect light and avoid clutter and provide a luminous and inviting sanctuary in the heart of the city.


Our second project on one of London’s finest streets.

Interior Refurbishment | Architects for Belsize Park | forrester architects

With its enduring charm, the structure and form tells a story of a bygone era. We aim to provide a considered refurbishment that will provide a home that offers a blend of charm and sensitive interior styling. The building reflects the prevailing styles of the early 20th century, embracing elements of Edwardian or Victorian design. Featuring a fine redbrick with terracotta and shaped gables, the architectural details capture the essence of a historical era, creating a unique character for this residence in Belsize Park.

An artist’s studio is the neighbouring project


A little light relief to a double height gallery space in a London townhouse

Refurbishment with Air Source Heat Pump | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects

A little light relief. A glimpse of the ceiling to a double height gallery space to a London townhouse is part of our latest full house refurbishment. An Air Source Heat Pump has replaced the gas boiler and dormer mounted solar panels contribute to the client’s responsive and sustainable energy solution. A very welcome government grant of £7,500 is in the post.


Not! Another Side Extension.

Landscaped Garden Room | Architects for Islington | forrester architects

Our No Side Extension left such an impression on one of our neighbours that they decided to follow suit. Remaining distinctive, a full-width rear extension is avoided. The main objective remained: forge a stronger connection to the garden and capitalise on the expansive sky views afforded by the elongated rear gardens. A thoughtfully landscaped garden now serves as a visual link from the kitchen space.

The addition of a new bay window allows for carefully framed views of the garden and its surroundings. The proposition not only preserves the character of the existing building but also crafts a one-of-a-kind design solution that bridges the interior and exterior space. The delicate balance between transparency and privacy ensures that the space is not only bright and airy but also highly functional.

forresterarchitects have not just met the client’s needs but also elevated the distinctive character of the original building. The outcome is a space that harmoniously combines functionality and form.