Add an artist’s studio as ancillary accommodation to your rear garden.

Ancillary Garden Studio | Architects for Camden | Camden Square Conservation Area

With a significant growth in the market for this type of garden accommodation. The form of the artist’s garden studio has been explored and developed further to create an architectural solution that is visually interesting within the garden environment.

The artist’s garden studio responds directly to the criteria stipulated for outbuildings. The proximity of the studio to the party fence wall has resulted in a well-considered modelling to determine the form and massing of the studio. Given the distance from the main house and the adjacent property on Camden News, the impact of the artist’s garden studio is considered to be minimal and would not have a significant impact on the residential amenity of the adjoining owners/ occupiers.


Two neighbours each add a roof top extension to their maisonette.

Roof Top Extension  | Architects for Camden | Camden Square Conservation Area

The owners of the top floor flats to Cliff Road, together, aim to improve the quality of the existing housing stock. Each flat currently provides one bedroom accommodation. Both flats, as part of the planning submission, will carry out a full refurbishment as part of the works as each property requires modernisation. Both flats will be modestly reconfigured to improve the accommodation and improve the sanitary provision. A new roof extension is proposed to the existing flat roof terrace and provides new bright and airy living rooms to the new roof extension


A rear outrigger added to a townhouse in the Keystone Conservation Area

Keystone Townhouse  | Architects for Islington | Kings Cross, London

The house was in a significant state of disrepair. forresterarchitects secured planning permission for a rear outrigger to the Keystone Conservation Area. To provide a reasonable level of accommodation the reconfiguration of the house will be necessary. A new bedroom was added to the second floor to replace the existing master bathroom. It will be necessary to relocate the sanitary provision of the house elsewhere without compromising the existing floor plan. The new rear outrigger extension will provide accommodation for a new shower room and a new bathroom. The extension will be entered from the existing stairwell and accessed from each half landing.