Stay tidy. A bachelor pad with extensive bespoke joinery solutions.

House Refurbishment | Architects for Camden | Primrose Hill, North West London

forresterarchitects recently conducted a design feasibility study for the refurbishment of a duplex apartment in Primrose Hill, North West London. The apartment is situated within a modern purpose-built development, located in a fashionable area of North London. In order to create more space, the design incorporates clever storage interventions to the lack of space within the apartment.

The client, a bachelor, had specific requirements for the refurbishment project, including the need to keep the apartment tidy. To achieve this, forresterarchitects employed bespoke storage solutions throughout the design, creating living wall solutions to maximize the use of space. The apartment’s layout was kept simple, and sliding doors were installed to avoid taking up valuable space while also providing an open plan feel when left open. By working closely with the client and considering their specific needs, forresterarchitects were able to provide a design that met their requirements and maximized the available space. The use of bespoke storage solutions throughout the apartment allows for efficient use of space, while the sliding doors provide a flexible living area that can be adapted to suit the client’s needs. This refurbishment not only provides additional living space but also adds a contemporary touch to the design, bringing the apartment up to date and making it more appealing to potential buyers or renters.

By employing bespoke storage solutions and incorporating a dynamic rear extension, forresterarchitects have maximised the available space and provided a modern and flexible living area that meets the client’s specific requirements.