A new extension to a house in the Barnsbury Conservation Area.

Refurbishment & Extension | Architects for Islington | Barnsbury Conservation Area, North London

forresterarchitects has received planning approval for a refurbishment and extension project in the Barnsbury Conservation Area of Islington. The modern house, which is purpose-built and located within the area, will undergo a modest design proposal to add a rear garden extension and roof dormer. The proposed design will provide a large open plan ground floor and a spacious bedroom on the roof. The extension will be clad in copper, which complements the red brick and tile of the surrounding environment.

The Barnsbury Conservation Area is known for its historic architecture, and purpose-built houses in the area are not often added to. forresterarchitects’ design proposal was carefully crafted to satisfy the planning and building control regulations and respect the neighborhood’s character. The approval of this project highlights forresterarchitects ability to create thoughtful designs that are both functional and visually appealing.

The addition of a large open plan ground floor and spacious bedroom on the roof will provide the homeowner with more living space while still respecting the area’s regulations. The use of copper as the extension’s cladding adds a modern twist to the historic environment. forresterarchitects’ attention to detail and understanding of the local area’s regulations are key factors in this successful planning application.

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