A garden pavilion has been approved to a detached house in Highgate, North London.

Garden Pavilion | Architects for Camden | Highgate Conservation Area, North West London

forresterarchitects has received planning approval for a garden pavilion in Highgate, North London. The pavilion is located in the rear garden of a detached house and is designed to solve the problem of accommodating visiting family members. The house is shared by two professionals who needed additional space for guests.

The garden pavilion is a sleek and modern structure that provides two double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The design allows for direct access to the garden and the house, providing flexibility and privacy to the occupants. The pavilion is designed to blend seamlessly with the existing house and the surrounding landscape. The project is located in the Highgate Conservation Area, which is known for its historic architecture and strict planning regulations. forresterarchitects worked closely with the local planning authorities to ensure that the design of the garden pavilion met the requirements of the Conservation Area. The garden pavilion provides a self-contained living space that is perfect for guests or family members who require additional privacy. The design of the pavilion ensures that it is not intrusive to the existing house or the surrounding landscape.

forresterarchitects is known for its innovative and sustainable designs, and the garden pavilion in Highgate is no exception. The pavilion is designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable, with features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. Overall, the garden pavilion in Highgate is a testament to forresterarchitects’ commitment to innovative and sustainable design. The project provides a practical solution to the problem of accommodating visiting family members while also enhancing the beauty and functionality of the existing house and the surrounding landscape.