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London Townhouse powered by an Air Source Heat Pump | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects

An ambitious townhouse refurbishment has reconfigured the conventional London townhouse hierarchy for modern living and incorporating an Air Source Heat Pump for a sustainable future. 

The London townhouse has some issues with its thermal performance, and with the client we were determined to address them through this refurbishment. As energy costs continue to rise, the project is an opportunity to reevaluate the house’s thermal efficiency and steer clear of relying on a gas combination boiler. 

Ensuring a sustainable future is of utmost importance to them, so they’re keen on making their house as energy efficient as possible. The focal point of their day to day life will be a spacious open plan lower ground floor. It will provide a bright and airy environment, centred around the kitchen, lounge and dining room extension.

To create this wonderful space, the kitchen is located centrally in a stunning double-height area, achieved by removing part of the raised ground floor. A new mezzanine leads to a unique metal staircase leading down to the new bespoke Danish made kitchen units, dining room, and extension. The new rear extension is constructed with highly insulated timber framed construction. A distinctive pyramidal shape provide a visual interesting roof that leads to a large glazed top light, allowing unobstructed views of the sky. Beyond the new extension, a new garden studio provides a dedicated workspace. It utilises the same highly insulated timber framed construction as the extension, ensuring energy efficiency is maintained throughout all the new elements of the home.

To the top floor the existing roof has been completely rebuilt with a new rear dormer conversion, improving the insulation of both the roof and walls to the highest standards while preserving the floor space. Each bedroom is equipped with custom-made wardrobes that cleverly utilise the generous roof void space.  To reduce their reliance on electricity, solar PV panels have been mounted on the large dormer roof conversion. These panels contribute to the sustainable energy strategy and lessen the environmental impact of the house as a whole.