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Barrel vaults and glazed brick slips enhance an office refurbishment in Jersey.

Faience Brick Facade | Architects for Jersey | St. Helier, Jersey

forresterarchitects is taking a rigorous design approach to provide a considered architectural solution to the faience brick facade.

The design team will retain the barrel vault as a visually interesting form to draw attention to the building entrance. Underneath the canopy, a series of existing brick piers will be reestablished to create a new regular rhythm across the length of the facade. To enhance the facade, each of the brick piers will be updated with a new glazed brick slip. The facade of Commercial Street in St. Helier, Jersey, will feature a series of shallow barrel vaulted arches and a faience brick facade of blue glazed bricks. The proposed refurbishment will provide a refreshed street frontage for a busy thoroughfare. The design team aims to create an enlivened facade that will enhance the visual appeal of Commercial Street. With a new regular rhythm established across the length of the facade, the street frontage will be visually cohesive and attractive.

The project is an example of how rigorous design can provide an architectural solution that is both visually interesting and functional. By retaining the barrel vault and enhancing the brick piers, the design team has created a new facade that is both attractive and inviting. The new facade will enliven the street frontage and contribute to the overall visual appeal of Commercial Street.