In through the outdoor.

School Library | Architects for Hackney | Clissold Road, Stoke Newington

forresterarchitects has been working on design feasibility proposals for Betty Layward School in North London, specifically regarding the improvement of the school’s library located on Clissold Road, Stoke Newington. While progress has been made in regards to the library’s content, there is an issue with external circulation. The entrance to the school is situated between two townhouses, making it difficult for parents and children to drop off in the morning due to restricted width, leading to bottlenecking at the entrance. In response, alternative strategies are being implemented, such as a large loop around the perimeter of the school to provide some relief. However, this requires entering the school through the car park and exiting through the front gate. While this circular route does alleviate the feeling of swimming against the tide of parents when leaving the school, further strategies are being explored to improve external circulation.

Despite these circulation issues, the library has been well-received by the students and is in high demand, with books flying off the shelves. forresterarchitects have focused on creating a functional and attractive space for the students to learn and explore literature, as well as incorporating modern design elements to enhance the library’s overall aesthetic appeal. The library’s design reflects the school’s commitment to creating a welcoming and inspiring learning environment for its students.

Overall, forresterarchitects is dedicated to working with Betty Layward School to ensure that its facilities meet the needs of its students and staff, while also contributing positively to the surrounding community in Hackney. The proposed improvements to the school, including the library and external circulation, are just one step in this ongoing partnership.