Absent_The School Library!

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A school in Stoke Newington recently lost its library to the IT room, but the new Head Teacher plans to change that and has enlisted the help of  forresterarchitects to re-establish the library for the children to enjoy and focus on reading. A design feasibility proposal has been approved, and the library works will take place over the Easter half-term. The project involves starting from scratch, with only the four walls of the classroom remaining.

To keep up with evolving technologies, the library will feature a mixture of paper and electronic media, and bespoke furniture will be arranged to create three informal reading zones with easy access to bookshelves. The bookshelves will be accessible to all ages, and can be moved aside when needed to allow for a large seating area focused on a whiteboard. The goal is to provide a library that reflects the school ethos of inspiring, developing, and nurturing every child to have the confidence to learn. The project is a departure from the recent trend of schools focusing on technology and digital media over physical books, and aims to promote a love of reading among the students. The design is intended to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that encourages students to spend time in the library and develop a passion for books.

The project is a collaborative effort between the school and forresterarchitects, who have expertise in designing spaces for education. The library will be an important resource for the school and the community, providing a space for learning and fostering a love of reading in the next generation.