Double-height maisonette in the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area.

Double-Height Maisonette | Architects for Camden | Dartmouth Park Road, North West London

forresterarchitects are working on the complete reconfiguration of a two-bedroom double-height maisonette on Dartmouth Park Road in North West London. The maisonette currently has a fine South facing aspect. However, the internal layout is to be entirely reconfigured to create an open plan double-height space with the main living rooms moved to the rear of the property. This will provide better connectivity with the rear garden and make the maisonette feel more like a new house.

Two additional bedrooms will be relocated to the rear of the property. The redesign will create an open and airy space with natural light flooding in from the rear garden. The new living space will be perfect for entertaining and relaxing. The redesign will also improve the functionality of the space, making it more practical for modern living. The redesign of the double-height maisonette will provide a much-improved living environment for the clients. The reconfiguration will allow for a better use of space, creating a more open and inviting atmosphere. The new design will also bring the living areas closer to the rear garden, providing an improved connection to nature.

forresterarchitects are known for their innovative designs that combine functionality with style. The redesign of this maisonette is no exception. With their attention to detail and their understanding of the needs of modern living, the new design promises to create a unique and practical living space. The project is currently in the planning stages, and work is expected to begin soon.