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A dedicated voice over studio for home working.

Garden Studio | Architects for Finchley | forrester architects

In the realm of voice-over work, a significant change has taken place, as the essential studio has now shifted from a dedicated space to a cozy bedroom in a spacious semi-detached house in North London. However, a former client, now with more time to dedicate to their craft, seeks an inspiring atmosphere for the creation of their audio masterpieces, prompting the quest for a perfect studio within the garden. To seamlessly blend with the beautifully landscaped surroundings, an architectural solution that harmonizes with the overall aesthetic is desired. The envisioned garden studio, with its sleek and unassuming design, remains discreetly tucked away behind the garden fence. Its exposed timber cladding not only complements the existing garden vernacular but also ensures visual continuity with the surrounding environment.


A new house forms a new book-end development to a Clapton terrace.

Book-end House | Architects for Hackney | Clapton, Hackney

forresterarchitects has been working on an exciting project in Clapton, Hackney, for a one-bedroom house with limited potential for development. The rear outrigger extension was sold as a one-bedroom house, but it has limited scope for development unless an additional floor is added. However, the house is a book-end property, and forresterarchitects see this as an opportunity to realise the full potential of the freehold plot.

The existing roof space volume will provide the additional floor space required to achieve a new two/three bedroom house, which will significantly increase the property’s value. forresterarchitects have carefully considered the design of the extension to ensure that it complements the existing property’s style and character. The project presents an exciting opportunity for forresterarchitects to create a beautiful, functional, and modern living space that maximises the available floor area. The new two/three bedroom house will provide ample space for a growing family and add value to the property. forresterarchitects have taken into account various design considerations, such as the layout, materials, and lighting, to ensure that the extension is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional. The new extension will provide plenty of natural light and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area.

The project presents a unique opportunity to realise the full potential of the freehold plot and create a beautiful, functional, and modern living space. forresterarchitects have carefully considered various design considerations to ensure that the extension complements the existing property’s style and character while providing ample space for a growing family.


A stepped extension and garden studio to the rear of a townhouse in Hackney.

Extension Garden Studio | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects.

forresterarchitects have been commissioned by a repeat client to work on a full maisonette refurbishment in Hackney, North London. The maisonette will undergo significant remodelling, including a new lower ground extension that will provide two separate dwellings. A new garden studio to the rear of the property will offer ancillary accommodation with direct access to the garden. Meanwhile, a new loft studio will be added to the top floor and the existing garage space will be reconfigured to provide a discreet side entrance.

The proposed lower ground extension will be a significant addition to the property, providing additional living space and allowing for two separate dwellings. The new garden studio to the rear of the property is designed to complement the existing building while also offering ancillary accommodation with direct access to the garden. forresterarchitects have paid particular attention to the new loft studio, which will be an important part of the redesign. The new loft space will provide additional living space and will be designed to maximise the use of natural light. The existing garage will be reconfigured to provide a discreet side entrance, allowing for easy access to the property without disrupting the existing layout. The proposed design is an excellent example of how an intelligent redesign can add value to a property while also enhancing its functionality. The proposed lower ground extension and garden studio will provide additional living space, while the new loft studio will add an extra dimension to the property. The use of natural light and attention to detail in the design will create a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Overall, the proposed maisonette refurbishment in Hackney, North London, by forresterarchitects is an excellent example of how an intelligent redesign can add value and functionality to a property. The proposed design is carefully considered, with attention to detail evident in every aspect of the project. The result will be a beautiful and functional space that meets the client’s needs while also adding value to the property.



A new-build house near Hampstead Village.

New Build House | Architects for North West London | Forrester Architects

We’re looking into a new build house solution for a current client. There is already a house on the plot but it is considered by Camden Planning of no architectural merit. It will be demolished. In its place a new open plan house of approximately 3000sq/ft. Near to Hampstead Village, the house will be set within the local conservation area. Our client is keen to avoid over developing the site and the house will not be overbearing scale and massing. The street facade will present a masonry frontage to complement the traditional context. To the rear, the garden is South facing and a sustainable energy strategy will be adopted to make the most of its perfect aspect.


Ground source heat from an English country garden.

English Country House | Architects for South Bucks | Forrester Architects

forresterarchitects is currently working on an exciting English Country House in South Buckinghamshire. The project involves the design and construction of a seven-bedroom English country house for a young family. The client has placed a strong emphasis on adopting a renewable energy strategy for the house, swimming pool, and car garage.

forresterarchitects have incorporated various innovative features into the design to ensure the energy efficiency of the house. To the rear of the house, ground source heating, solar PV, and solar thermal provision have been integrated into the garden and house design. This renewable energy strategy will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the house and help to create a more sustainable future. Despite the emphasis on modern technology and sustainability, the house’s design is traditional in every detail. forresterarchitects have taken inspiration from the classic English country house style and incorporated various features into the design, such as sash windows, a pitched roof, and a grand entrance. These traditional features provide the house with a timeless elegance and sense of heritage. However, forresterarchitects have also ensured that the house is modern in outlook, incorporating contemporary design elements into the project. The interior of the house is designed to provide a bright, open, and spacious living environment that is perfect for modern family living.

The project incorporates innovative technology and sustainable features to reduce the carbon footprint of the house. The design is traditional in every detail but modern in outlook, creating a timeless and elegant living environment that is perfect for a modern family.


Early sketches for interlocking houses on a Brownfield site in North London.

New-Build Houses| Architects for HackneyStoke Newington, North London

forresterarchitects has designed four new-build houses in Stoke Newington, North London, on a previously unused brownfield site. The project was developed using simple brick constructions with oversized windows that give each of the new-build homes a bright, spacious feel. Each of the four houses is interlocking and features double-height living rooms with framed views of the surrounding area. The upper floors are light-filled and spacious, with plenty of natural light, while the open-plan kitchens offer direct access to private external terraces located between each house.

forresterarchitects have paid close attention to the layout and design of each property, ensuring that they maximise the available space and provide plenty of natural light. The new-build homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind and incorporate sustainable technologies where possible. The use of oversized windows helps to provide passive solar heating and cooling, reducing the need for mechanical ventilation systems. In addition, the terraces between each house provide a buffer zone, helping to reduce noise and provide a private outdoor space for residents to enjoy.

forresterarchitects worked closely with the local council to ensure that the new-build homes fit seamlessly into the surrounding environment. The new-build homes are designed to blend in with the existing street scene and are sympathetic to the local context. The project provides much-needed new-build homes for the area, while also demonstrating how brownfield sites can be developed sustainably to create high-quality, energy-efficient housing.


A new plot for three new-build houses.

Three New-Build Houses | Architects for London | North West London

forresterarchitects are currently working on a feasibility study for three new-build houses on a brownfield site in North West London. The land is located to the rear gardens of the suburban terraced houses, with access provided by a single access road circulating the local garden green.

The brief is to create three innovative house designs that will make the project viable for the property developer. The challenge is to balance the desire for contemporary, stylish design with the need to create practical and functional living spaces that will appeal to potential buyers. The proposed houses will be designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, incorporating features such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and efficient heating and ventilation systems. The use of high-quality materials will ensure that the houses are built to last and require minimal maintenance over time. The focus on innovative design will be reflected in the layout and features of the houses. Each house will be unique, with its own character and style, yet all will share a common thread of contemporary design and functionality. The design will prioritise natural light and space, creating a sense of openness and tranquility that will be appealing to potential buyers.

The focus on innovative design, sustainability, and energy efficiency will ensure that the houses are not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally responsible. The final design will be unique, reflecting the needs and desires of the property developer, while also meeting the demands of modern living.


A childhood retreat is to be rebuilt as a legacy for the family in Nice, France.

New Build House | Architects for Les Issambres | Nice, France

Forrester architects are working on a new build house in Les Issambres, Nice, France. The new house is set in the landscape due to the rolling terrain and the changes in level across the site are dramatic. A series of interlinked pavilions are proposed and are cut into the natural fall in the landscapeThe cuts in the landscape provide routes around the house and provide natural terraced areas for sitting, eating and relaxing. The garden landscapes beyond the terraces provide a dialogue between the inside and outside of the house.
The land on which the house sits is long established, well located and desirable. It has been in the family for over thirty years and the house and the land could be sold in its current undeveloped state. The house in its current state is close to a state of disrepair and will be demolished. In its current state to patch and repair the house will be problematic. Only the lower ground floor capable of being retained without falling down during the refurbishment works. In essence, a more cost effective route would be to demolish the house and rebuild. This will result in a larger new-build house. With improved construction, it will offer an investment for the younger generations.
Current property sales state that a 5 bed Villa property in the location are on the market listed in the region of £3m.  Forrester architects have designed a house to suit the family’s requirements. and provide holiday accommodation for the whole family. When the house is not required it can be offered to the rental market. Currently, a 5 bed Villa will provide a rental income of circa 5000 euros per week.

A design feasibility for a new-build Passive House (Passivhaus) in the Norfolk Broads.

New-Build Passive House (Passivhaus)| Architect for Norfolk Broads | Stalham, Norfolk

forresterarchitects have secured full planning approval for a new build house on the Norfolk Broads. The house will be designed to Passive House (Passivhaus) standards.

The Passive House (Passivhaus) concept aims to dramatically reduce the requirements for space heating and cooling whilst also creating excellent indoor comfort levels. The focus of the Passive House (Passivhaus) is to dramatically reduce the requirement for space heating and cooling, whilst also creating excellent indoor comfort levels.

This is primarily achieved by adopting a fabric first approach to the design, specifying high levels of insulation to the thermal envelope with exceptional levels of air tightness and the use of whole house mechanical ventilation. The heating requirement in a Passive House (Passivhaus) building is reduced to the point where a traditional heating system is no longer considered essential. Cooling is also minimised by the same principles and through the use of shading. Night purging and the use of natural cross-ventilation through open windows is encouraged during the summer months

The new house will be inspired by the light industrial forms which predominate the local surrounding area. The roof forms explored and developed further to provide a modern architectural solution which draws references from these vernacular forms and materials and how they are positioned in the landscape. The accommodation brief is expressed in an informal arrangement of ‘sheds’. The ‘sheds’ in their juxtaposition aim to contribute positively to the local character of the area and the wider environment.

The new build house is almost perfectly orientated benefiting from a South facing facade. To maximise further from the early morning sunshine the house will be orientated a further 10 degrees to the East.


A garden pavilion has been approved to a detached house in Highgate, North London.

Garden Pavilion | Architects for Camden | Highgate Conservation Area, North West London

forresterarchitects has received planning approval for a garden pavilion in Highgate, North London. The pavilion is located in the rear garden of a detached house and is designed to solve the problem of accommodating visiting family members. The house is shared by two professionals who needed additional space for guests.

The garden pavilion is a sleek and modern structure that provides two double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The design allows for direct access to the garden and the house, providing flexibility and privacy to the occupants. The pavilion is designed to blend seamlessly with the existing house and the surrounding landscape. The project is located in the Highgate Conservation Area, which is known for its historic architecture and strict planning regulations. forresterarchitects worked closely with the local planning authorities to ensure that the design of the garden pavilion met the requirements of the Conservation Area. The garden pavilion provides a self-contained living space that is perfect for guests or family members who require additional privacy. The design of the pavilion ensures that it is not intrusive to the existing house or the surrounding landscape.

forresterarchitects is known for its innovative and sustainable designs, and the garden pavilion in Highgate is no exception. The pavilion is designed to be energy-efficient and sustainable, with features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. Overall, the garden pavilion in Highgate is a testament to forresterarchitects’ commitment to innovative and sustainable design. The project provides a practical solution to the problem of accommodating visiting family members while also enhancing the beauty and functionality of the existing house and the surrounding landscape.