Early sketches for interlocking houses on a Brownfield site in North London.

New-Build Houses| Architects for HackneyStoke Newington, North London

forresterarchitects has designed four new-build houses in Stoke Newington, North London, on a previously unused brownfield site. The project was developed using simple brick constructions with oversized windows that give each of the new-build homes a bright, spacious feel. Each of the four houses is interlocking and features double-height living rooms with framed views of the surrounding area. The upper floors are light-filled and spacious, with plenty of natural light, while the open-plan kitchens offer direct access to private external terraces located between each house.

forresterarchitects have paid close attention to the layout and design of each property, ensuring that they maximise the available space and provide plenty of natural light. The new-build homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind and incorporate sustainable technologies where possible. The use of oversized windows helps to provide passive solar heating and cooling, reducing the need for mechanical ventilation systems. In addition, the terraces between each house provide a buffer zone, helping to reduce noise and provide a private outdoor space for residents to enjoy.

forresterarchitects worked closely with the local council to ensure that the new-build homes fit seamlessly into the surrounding environment. The new-build homes are designed to blend in with the existing street scene and are sympathetic to the local context. The project provides much-needed new-build homes for the area, while also demonstrating how brownfield sites can be developed sustainably to create high-quality, energy-efficient housing.