A double height rear extension to the De Beaviour Conservation Area.

Stepped Rear Extension | Architects for Hackney | De Beaviour Conservation Area, North London

forresterarchitects has recently submitted a planning application for the refurbishment and extension of a Victorian terraced house located in the De Beaviour Conservation Area of North London. The upper floors of the house are spacious and filled with natural light, but the lower ground floor, due to its North facing aspect, lacks brightness. The clients have expressed their desire for a brighter and well-equipped kitchen and a bedroom that connects more to the garden.

To address this,forresterarchitects have proposed a new stepped rear extension that will offer framed views of the garden from the kitchen and stairwell corridor, creating a bright and day-lit environment. A double-height glazed roof-light space is also planned for the dining area, with the aim of providing as much natural light as possible to the back of the house. The existing roof terrace will be retained, serving as an ideal location for afternoon gatherings and evening drinks. The house is currently configured as a three-bedroom private dwelling, but the proposal provides a fourth bedroom for guests with an extra wet-room shower room. The key to the proposed configuration is the retention of the roof terrace, which will ensure the house retains its charm and character while adding a contemporary twist to the lower ground floor.

The design takes into consideration the conservation area’s character and provides a solution that respects and contributes to the surrounding environment. The glazed extension’s massing ensures it does not become an overbearing feature but rather blends into the existing fabric of the building. The proposed extension and refurbishment will create a modern and functional living space that meets the client’s needs while maintaining the house’s original charm.