An open kitchen garden with a view of the pond

Kitchen Garden Room | Architect for Archway | forrester architects

forresterarchitects have created a unique solution for a kitchen garden room in Archway, North London. Rather than a full-width rear extension, a single pier from the existing rear outrigger wall construction was retained, resulting in a space that provides a balance between transparency and privacy for the house, garden, and neighbors. The aim was to create a better connection to the garden and take advantage of the large areas of sky provided by the long rear gardens, resulting in a solution that avoids the need for a large voluminous extension.

The existing bay window and French doors were removed from the rear, allowing large framed views of the garden pond and beyond to be provided to the newly reconfigured ground floor plan. The design creates a unique architectural solution that respects the existing building’s character and provides a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces. The balance between transparency and privacy ensures that the space is bright and airy while still being functional.

The kitchen garden room is an example of how a thoughtful and considered design can provide a unique and innovative solution to a common problem. By working with the existing structure and taking advantage of the surrounding environment, forresterarchitects have created a space that meets the client’s needs while enhancing the existing building’s character. The result is a space that is functional, beautiful, and a perfect example of how good design can enhance our daily lives.