Not! Another Side Extension.

Landscaped Garden Room | Architects for Islington | forrester architects

Our No Side Extension left such an impression on one of our neighbours that they decided to follow suit. Remaining distinctive, a full-width rear extension is avoided. The main objective remained: forge a stronger connection to the garden and capitalise on the expansive sky views afforded by the elongated rear gardens. A thoughtfully landscaped garden now serves as a visual link from the kitchen space.

The addition of a new bay window allows for carefully framed views of the garden and its surroundings. The proposition not only preserves the character of the existing building but also crafts a one-of-a-kind design solution that bridges the interior and exterior space. The delicate balance between transparency and privacy ensures that the space is not only bright and airy but also highly functional.

forresterarchitects have not just met the client’s needs but also elevated the distinctive character of the original building. The outcome is a space that harmoniously combines functionality and form.