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Not! Another Side Extension | Architects for Islington | forrester architects

One of our more projects, No Side Extension, left such an impression on one of our neighbours that they decided to employ us to create their very own. Instead of opting for a conventional full-width rear extension, we chose to preserve the unique character of the property by avoiding the typical full width rear extension . Our primary objective was to establish a stronger connection between the house and its surrounding garden, while also maximising the views offered by the elongated gardens and wide expanse of sky.

Through meticulous landscaping, the rear garden has been transformed into a visually captivating space. When you’re in the kitchen, it feels seamlessly integrated with the outdoors, thanks to the carefully frames views. Additionally, we introduced a stylish newly configured bay window that serves as a window set to view the garden and its surroundings. We paid careful attention to maintaining a balance between openness and privacy within the house. Despite the airy atmosphere, we ensured that occupants could enjoy a sense of seclusion when desired. At forresterarchitects, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of architectural design, creating homes that reflect the lifestyles and comfort of their inhabitants. If you’re seeking to elevate your living space to new heights, we’re here to bring your vision to life.