A little gem in the Canonbury Conservation Area frames views of an easterly sky

Glazed Facet Extension  | Architects for Islington | Canonbury Conservation Area

For an Islington townhouse in the Canonbury Conservation Area, forresterarchitects have designed a new extension that features a unique faceted glazed structure. The design concept is simple yet striking, with a series of angles that provide a rich sculptural form and define the new garden lounge extension.

The angles on the facade of the extension provide a notional subdivision for the different functions within the space, which in turn inform the language of the facade and the extent of privacy to the rear. This approach has resulted in a beautifully designed space that is both functional and visually appealing, offering the clients a contemporary and elegant living space. The faceted glazed structure allows for natural light to flood the space, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The angles on the facade also create interesting and dynamic shadows throughout the day, adding to the visual interest of the space. 

The new garden lounge extension is a seamless addition to the Canonbury townhouse, complementing the original design while adding a contemporary touch. forresterarchitects have carefully considered the surrounding conservation area, ensuring that the extension is in harmony with its surroundings while still making a bold design statement.