A new one bed flat extension in the garden vernacular

One Bed Flat Extension | Architects for Oxford | Temple Cowley, Oxford

forresterarchitects have developed a unique one bed flat extension for a corner plot in Temple Cowley, Oxford. The project involved creating a one-bedroom flat extension that considered the site constraints imposed by the irregular property demise. The feasibility studies revealed that a conventional rear extension would obstruct access to the rear garden or potentially conflict with the neighboring property.

Instead, forresterarchitects designed a new addition that allows for the reconfiguration of the existing floor plan. The dining and lounge areas are located between the bedroom and extension to provide a bright and airy living environment. Additionally, the new extension provides a second bedroom and a dedicated studio/library for the academics. The design solution is considered and well-executed, providing a considered response to the unique challenges of the site. By creating a one-bedroom flat extension that works with the property’s irregularities, forresterarchitects were able to maximize the space available and provide a comfortable and functional living environment. The addition of a second bedroom and dedicated studio/library adds value to the property and meets the client’s specific needs.