An new outrigger extension added to a townhouse in the Keystone Conservation Area

Keystone Townhouse  | Architects for Islington | Kings Cross, London

forresterarchitects have obtained planning permission for a rear outrigger extension for a Keystone Conservation Area townhouse located near Kings Cross, London. The extension will provide additional accommodation and allow for the reconfiguration of the house to achieve a reasonable level of living space. To create this space, the existing master bathroom will be replaced with a new bedroom on the second floor. However, this will require the relocation of the house’s sanitary provision to another area without altering the existing floor plan.

The new rear outrigger extension will include a new shower room and a new bathroom, both accessible from each half landing and entered through the existing stairwell. This solution will provide additional space for the family without compromising the existing floor plan. Keystone Conservation Area is an area with a rich history and unique architecture, and forresterarchitects will ensure that the new extension complements the surrounding buildings.

The design will be carefully considered, and the materials chosen will be in keeping with the area’s traditional style. forresterarchitects will also work closely with the client to ensure their needs are met while adhering to the conservation area consent. By collaborating with the client, the team will create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


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