Facade retention with full basement added to a house in Tottenham

Facade retention refurbishment with full basement | Architects for Tottenham | North London

In Tottenham, forresterarchitects is proposing a facade retention refurbishment with a full basement for a neglected semi-detached property close to the grounds of Tottenham Hotspur football stadium. The extensive dereliction means that only the front facade of the property will be retained, and a new basement floor will be added. To provide local professionals with living space, forresterarchitects has planned to create four flats in different configurations. A careful engineering strategy has been put in place to ensure a logical construction process without the need for full demolition.

The new building will be reconstructed in the same style as the existing property, with a new outrigger extension added to the rear over three floors. The proposed plan seeks to bring life back to a long-neglected property and provide much-needed housing for local professionals. forresterarchitects has a track record of successful projects, including a full house refurbishment with a basement floor in fashionable Stoke Newington. The project involves extensive site investigations and opening up works to determine the state of the property. forresterarchitects has proposed a logical construction strategy to minimise the environmental impact and cost of the project. 

The proposed facade retention refurbishment with a full basement in Tottenham represents an innovative solution to the challenge of revitalizing a neglected property. By retaining the original facade, forrresterarchitects is preserving the character of the area, while the addition of new living spaces will provide much-needed housing for local professionals.