Garden Room | Woolstone | South East London

Refurbishment / Interior Design

An Inside Outside Garden Room is added to a full house refurbishment in Forest Hill, South East London.

Our client’s love of their long mature garden has resulted in an innovative garden room design proposal. So we’re bringing the garden in from the cold. The semi-detached property in Forest Hill was in its original condition at the time of purchase; a modernisation was well overdue. The house is located on a busy London street. Behind the garden gate however is the client’s pride and joy-a mature garden with a rich and varied foliage. To compliment the rich landscaped environment the plants adorn nearly every room which essentially extends the rear garden throughout the house.

Modifications have been made to the original London brickwork facade to the garden side. The wall will undulate along its length to bring the garden into the new kitchen and dining room space. Large framed glazed windows puncture the undulating brickwork facade to provide glimpses of the garden in all directions for the new configured kitchen and dining room. 

The garden room is a bespoke construction. Comprising of a proprietary thermally insulated composite glazing system. The openable glazed panels have been configured to provide a modern interpretation of the traditional glass greenhouse-a perfect environment for the potted plants.

The house is a well-proportioned three-bedroom property. The upper floors are remodelled to remove previous compromises to provide a more generous master bathroom and walk-in dressing room. With the addition of the new garden room to the rear the new extension compliment the existing living rooms to the ground floor which are large and well proportioned. The top floor roof space is replanned in its entirety to provide a guest room with dedicated ensuite. The original Welsh roof slate to the whole roof was also replaced.

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