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Refurbishment / Interior Design

Townhouse powered by an Air Source Heat Pump | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects

Our latest full house refurbishment is a London townhouse powered by an Air Source Heat Pump. The clients are excited about their newly enlivened London townhouse in Stoke Newington.  With rising energy costs, this project offered a chance to improve the house’s thermal efficiency and avoid using a gas boiler to heat the house and the water. The goal is to make the house as energy-efficient as possible and the client was keen to have as much natural daylight to the rear of the house.

The main living area features a large, open-plan lower ground floor with a bright, airy kitchen, dining room, and lounge. In a bold architectural move, the kitchen and dining room have been transformed into a stunning double-height space. This dramatic alteration was achieved by removing an entire room from the ground floor, creating a sense of openness not typical to the typical terraced house. 

A new mezzanine stair leads to the kitchen and rear garden extension which features a distinctive pyramidal roof. A turquoise steel cladding is used to provide a vibrant wrap a highly insulated timber framed construction. The insulation to the house is increased to the highest certified thickness without losing floor space.

The large glazed top light in the roof floods the space with natural light, significantly improving daylight levels at the back of the house.

High wall insulation and a new underfloor heating system support an Air Source Heat Pump, reducing reliance on gas. The removal of part of the ground floor posed a challenge for the air source heat pump and underfloor heating system on the lower level. To address this, the principles of underfloor heating was applied to the double-height wall. A low pressure wall heating system was concealed within the wall. This ensures that the entire room remains comfortably warm without heat being drawn upstairs.

The commitment to energy efficiency extends to the garden studio, which mirrors the construction of the rear extension. This cohesive approach ensures that all new elements of the home blend seamlessly with the main house and contribute to a more sustainable living environment.

The top floor now has a new larger dormer roof conversion with significantly improved insulation levels to reduce solar gain and retain heat in the winter . Each bedroom has custom wardrobes occupying the inclined space to roof void. To reduce their reliance on electricity, solar PV panels have been mounted on the large dormer roof conversion. These panels contribute to the sustainable energy strategy and lessen the environmental impact of the house as a whole.

Photography by Fred Howarth