No Side Extension | Fortnam | Architects for Islington

Refurbishment / Interior Design

forresterarchitects have proposed no side extension to the rear of a mid-terraced house in Archway, North London.

There is no need for a side extension. A mid-terraced house to North London has been reconfigured by forresterarchitects. The usual full width rear extension has been avoided. The client wanted to feel better connected to the garden. To the rear, long rear gardens provide more space to the garden so there was an opportunity to take advantage of the large areas of sky.

A balance between transparency and privacy and the house, garden and the neighbours has resulted in a unique architectural solution. There is no need for a large voluminous side extension. Only a single pier from the existing rear outrigger wall construction remains. The existing bay window and French doors is removed to the rear. As a result, large framed unrestricted views of the garden pond and beyond are provided to the newly reconfigured ground floor plan.

The lounge rooms to the ground floor are well proportioned and remain intact. The traditional circulation route into the Victorian terrace house has been simplified. A newly configured cloakroom terminates the principle circulation route within the main reception space. The dual circulation, to and from the front and rear, of a typical terrace house has been reconfigured. A processional route has been created-the route into the house is celebrated.

On arrival, guests are presented into the front and rear reception space. The colour palette is intimate and creates drama with traditional architectural features around the house. The front and rear lounges connect to the newly reconfigured kitchen beyond. A peninsula kitchen provides a practical kitchen preparation area with a walk-in larder to the rear. Beyond the kitchen, the breakfast table sits next to oversized bi-fold doors, which frame views of the East-facing perfect for breakfast and watching the sunrise.

To the upper floors the existing two bedrooms remain intact and provide good-sized accommodation. The main bathroom has been reconfigured as a shower room. The traditional freestanding roll top bath is relocated to the new top floor dormer extension.

The top floor dormer is a seemingly rare result for the local area. Hearsay suggests that the local council does not permit rooftop dormer extensions. It may explain why they are largely missing to the terraces. The rear outrigger extension seems a more favourable location for an extension, which is a cumbersome addition to the vertical proportions to the townhouse. Don’t believe everything you here on the street.

A new dormer roof extension is added, not to provide bedrooms but a dedicated jazz dance studio dance studio is located to the top of house. The client’s love of jazz has been satisfied with the installation of a proprietary sprung floor. Dedicated to hours of jazz dancing the space remains flexible enough to provide a double bedroom, with a large traditional ensuite, when the situation dictates it.