Ground source heat from an English country garden.

English Country House | Architects for South Bucks | Forrester Architects

forresterarchitects is currently working on an exciting English Country House in South Buckinghamshire. The project involves the design and construction of a seven-bedroom English country house for a young family. The client has placed a strong emphasis on adopting a renewable energy strategy for the house, swimming pool, and car garage.

forresterarchitects have incorporated various innovative features into the design to ensure the energy efficiency of the house. To the rear of the house, ground source heating, solar PV, and solar thermal provision have been integrated into the garden and house design. This renewable energy strategy will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the house and help to create a more sustainable future. Despite the emphasis on modern technology and sustainability, the house’s design is traditional in every detail. forresterarchitects have taken inspiration from the classic English country house style and incorporated various features into the design, such as sash windows, a pitched roof, and a grand entrance. These traditional features provide the house with a timeless elegance and sense of heritage. However, forresterarchitects have also ensured that the house is modern in outlook, incorporating contemporary design elements into the project. The interior of the house is designed to provide a bright, open, and spacious living environment that is perfect for modern family living.

The project incorporates innovative technology and sustainable features to reduce the carbon footprint of the house. The design is traditional in every detail but modern in outlook, creating a timeless and elegant living environment that is perfect for a modern family.