Loft Office Refurbishment | Peartree | Architects for Clerkenwell

Refurbishment / Commercial Refurbishment / Building Conversion

A loft office refurbishment with fine exposed timber joists and original brightly painted steel columns is revealed in the refurbishment of a tired office in Clerkenwell.

The refurbishment of a tired office in Clerkenwell has revealed a classic loft office with fine exposed timber joists and original brightly painted steel columns. Behind the double-height brickwork arches of a fine Victorian facade of a North London office building, a loft office was hidden, which had been subdivided many times over the years, losing its original character.

The loft office refurbishment was stripped back to its original structure, exposing intact timber floors and capped steel columns. The original paint colours were revealed, creating a unique and vibrant aesthetic. The office partitions were removed to provide an open-plan office configuration on raised access floors, while the plasterboard was removed to expose yellow brickwork.

The rear courtyard, which was previously unused, now provides a new circulation stairwell and a lift to each new floor, including a new mezzanine on the top floor. This addition enhances the functionality of the office space while preserving its classic loft character.

Overall, the loft office refurbishment serves as an excellent example of how classic loft spaces can be reimagined and restored to their original grandeur. By stripping away layers of previous renovations, the design team was able to create a unique and vibrant space that celebrates the building’s history and character. The result is a flexible and functional open-plan office that is perfect for modern business needs, while retaining its classic loft charm.