A new-build patisserie provides a vibrant street presence to North London

New-Build Patisserie | Architects for Park Royal | North London

forresterarchitects have been commissioned to design a new-build patisserie on a busy road in North London. The patisserie aims to increase income and re-establish a popular eatery that was forced to relocate due to the HS2 infrastructure. The new commercial premises have an under-utilised area of adjacent land, which offers the potential for development.

The location of the new patisserie is on a busy, anonymous road in North London, making it an ideal spot for attracting new customers. The simple geometric form and the inclusion of a shisha tent and terrace will provide a unique and visually interesting design that will appeal to passersby. The design will provide a notable new landmark in the area that will attract new customers and offer a unique environment to eat, drink and relax.

The proposed patisserie will be a simple geometric form that will include a shisha tent and terrace adjacent to the highly productive bakery. The design of the building will provide visually interesting framed views through the patisserie and terrace beyond in a simple linear plan. This will create a notable new landmark in the area, attracting both new and existing customers.