A modern new build house in the Hampstead Conservation Area.

New Build Development | Architects for Hampstead | Hampstead Conservation Area, North West London

forresterarchitects, in collaboration with another architect, have been granted planning permission for a new build house in Hampstead, North West London. The new development will replace an existing 1930’s chauffeur’s house with a modern, open-plan design. The ground floor will provide a large, open space that looks out onto a landscaped garden, and the double-height lounge will feature a 6m high library. The design includes an art gallery as part of the main circulation route, allowing visitors to view artwork as they walk through the house. The bedrooms are located on either the front or rear of the house, with primary views overlooking the garden. Sustainable features such as solar thermal panels, air-borne heat recovery, and rainwater harvesting will be incorporated into the design. The new build house has a contemporary aesthetic that stands in contrast to the more traditional architecture found in the Hampstead Conservation Area.

The development process involved the demolition of the existing house, with the new house built in its place. The open-plan design allows for an efficient use of space, providing a sense of connection between the interior and exterior. The design prioritizes natural light and creates a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The art gallery is a unique feature of the design, adding an element of cultural significance to the house. The gallery is situated in the main circulation route, allowing visitors to appreciate the artwork as they move through the space. Sustainability is a key element of the design, with the use of solar thermal panels and air-borne heat recovery reducing the carbon footprint of the house. The design also incorporates rainwater harvesting, which collects and reuses rainwater for non-potable uses such as watering plants and flushing toilets. The inclusion of sustainable features not only reduces the environmental impact of the house but also provides cost savings for the homeowner.

The new build house in Hampstead represents a departure from traditional architecture found in the area, with a contemporary design that prioritizes sustainability and an efficient use of space. The house incorporates unique features such as the art gallery and the 6m high library, adding an element of cultural and artistic significance to the property. The design is an example of how modern architecture can coexist alongside more traditional buildings, providing a new interpretation of the Hampstead Conservation Area.