A double-storey extension is proposed to West Hampstead garden

Two Storey Garden Extension | Architects for Camden | West Hampstead, London

forresterarchitects has proposed a two-storey rear extension to replace an inadequate existing extension in a West Hampstead maisonette. The new design aims to rationalize the hierarchy of the maisonette by placing living rooms on the raised ground floor and bedrooms on the lower ground floor. In planning terms, the proposed extension has been designed according to the 45-degree rule, which aims to prevent the loss of daylight to neighbouring properties, avoid excessive overshadowing of gardens and preserve a reasonable standard of outlook.

The new extension will be designed to meet the needs of modern living and provide a larger, more functional space for the client. By improving the layout, the new design will allow for more natural light to enter the living spaces, creating a brighter and more comfortable environment. In addition to improving the living spaces, the extension will also be designed to complement the existing architecture of the maisonette. The materials and finishes used will be carefully selected to ensure that they match the existing building and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. 

The proposed extension will be constructed with a focus on sustainability, with materials selected for their environmental impact and energy-efficient technologies used throughout the building. This approach will not only reduce the environmental impact of the project but also result in lower energy bills for the homeowners.