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Refurbishment / Listed and Conservation / Interior Design

One of our commercial client’s has retained our architectural services for a conservation refurbishment of their fine Victorian villa in Tufnell Park, North London.

The conservation refurbishment works involved the reconfiguration of the interior and the reinstatement of lost decorative features of the original house. All rooms would be redecorated with paint colours sourced from a Victorian palette to compliment the character of the houseTo reflect the modern day requirements of our clients with a young family subtle re-planning of the bedrooms was proposed.
With clever engineering, a full height basement was introduced which added an entire new floor to the house. A low-engineered foundation solution avoided the need for costly underpinning. As such the original footing so remains untouched and avoids raising the concerns of the neighbours. The extra basement floor area provided a perfect playroom for the children. Natural light to the basement was provided by new two new oval windows inserted into the building fabric. Dedicated plant rooms and building services are also accommodated in the basement.
The proposed conservation refurbishment involved relocating the master bedroom to the front of the house. One of the walls of the new master bedroom conceals a secret door, which pivots to reveal an ensuite shower room. The children’s bedroom, on the same floor, is separated from the master bedroom by a walk-in dressing room and a dedicated laundry room. Providing the laundry room on the first-floor landing, nearer the bedrooms, makes the task of gathering a little bit easier.
A further two extra bedrooms and an office are provided to the top of house as part of the conservation refurbishment works. A new bathroom was added to one of the bedrooms which is located underneath the mansard roof construction to the front of the roofTo the existing rear outrigger, a dedicated guest suite has been provided with its own bathroom. This self-contained suite will be used for guests or an au pair.