A Gambrel and Peg roof is the key feature to a Grade II cottage refurbishment in West Mersea.

Grade II Listed Cottage & Conservation Refurbishment with New-Build Extension | Architects for Colchester | West Mersea

forresterarchitects have presented a design feasibility plan for a Grade II listed cottage refurbishment in West Mersea, Colchester. The Gambrel and Peg tile roof with v-section wooden eaves trough on wooden brackets are listed as key features, and the cottage is to be restored to its original condition. The design brief also includes adding a new-build extension that takes inspiration from the simple forms and materials of local boat sheds, while respecting the surrounding environment. The proposed design features a new dining area and kitchen that doubles as extra bedroom accommodation when the clients have guests. The north/south orientation of the new additions enhances the visual dialogue between the defined garden spaces.

The aim of the project is to preserve the cottage’s historical features while incorporating modern architectural elements that respect its surroundings. The new-build extension will be carefully integrated with the existing structure to create a harmonious and seamless flow. The proposed north/south orientation will improve the natural lighting of the space, highlighting the garden spaces and creating a more pleasant environment. The design solution draws inspiration from the vernacular, incorporating simple forms and materials that complement the surrounding landscape. The dining area and kitchen have been designed to be a focal point of the cottage, providing ample space for family gatherings and entertaining guests. The new bedroom accommodation will be an asset to the property, offering flexibility and convenience to the clients.

The proposed refurbishment of the Grade II listed cottage and new-build extension demonstrates forresterarchitects commitment to creating designs that integrate seamlessly with their surroundings while respecting the historical and cultural significance of the existing structure. The project is a testament to their expertise in conservation and renovation, and their ability to create innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients.