A stonemason’s new garden studio added under Permitted Development in Stoke Newington.

Permitted Development | Architects for Hackney | Stoke Newington

forresterarchitects have recently completed a garden studio project in Stoke Newington, North London under permitted development rights. The studio was built for a former client and was designed to be a bright and airy space that also doubles as a terrace in the evenings. It was built as a sculpted form, with one carved feature stone wall, and serves as a stonemason’s studio during the day.

The studio is a stunning addition to the garden and was secured under permitted development rights. This means that the project was approved without the need for a planning application, making the process faster and more efficient. The use of permitted development rights allowed the client to save time and money while still achieving their desired outcome. In the evenings, the studio transforms into a terrace that provides an ideal location for catching the late evening sun and enjoying a gin and tonic. The bright and airy design of the studio creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Overall, the garden studio project in Stoke Newington is a beautiful example of how forresterarchitects have used permitted development rights to create stunning and functional spaces that meet the needs of their clients. The sculpted form and carved feature stone wall are unique and eye-catching, while the versatility of the space as both a studio and a terrace makes it a practical addition to any garden.