A secret cottage in the garden.

Cottage Mezzanine  | Architects for Camden | Highgate, North West London

A cottage mezzanine has been added to the garden cottage. Our client has a house in Highgate that comes with a cottage situated in the garden. Despite its unique features, the cottage has remained underutilised, and the clients have decided to upgrade it into a standalone accommodation for their in-laws. Additionally, the space will provide a study area for the client’s daughters and their friends, and can be used as a party venue following dinner parties or for watching films.

To achieve this, forresterarchitects plan to enliven the cottage mezzanine by orientating it to run the length of the cottage, ensuring it remains a visual connection to the ground floor. This will provide a dedicated study area with extra bedroom space. To increase the flexibility of the space, clever joinery will be incorporated to conceal the bed when not in use. The renovated cottage mezzanine will serve as a multifunctional space that can accommodate the in-laws when they visit, and also provide a study area for the children. The clients can also use it as a venue for parties or for watching films, thereby utilizing the space to its full potential. The incorporation of clever joinery will ensure that the space can be transformed seamlessly from a bedroom to a study area or party venue, providing maximum flexibility for the clients.

Overall, the refurbishment of the cottage mezzanine will provide the clients with a versatile space that can be utilised in various ways. forresterarchitects have planned the renovation carefully, taking into consideration the need for flexibility and the unique features of the cottage. The result will be a modern, functional space that will enhance the clients’ living experience.