A duplex refurbishment to a second penthouse in St Johns Wood.

Duplex Penthouse Refurbishment | Architects for Westminster | St John’s Wood, North West London

forresterarchitects have successfully completed the refurbishment of a duplex penthouse in St. John’s Wood, North West London, the second penthouse in a prestigious development for the same client. The new apartment required a fresh approach to enliven the space and make it a desirable investment property.

forresterarchitects opted for a simple, muted palette to suit the client’s taste, which creates a calming atmosphere and allows the apartment’s luxury features to shine. An open plan configuration was retained from the previous refurbishment, which maximizes the sense of space and natural light in the apartment. In contrast to the previous Rococo interior, the new design features a sleek, modern aesthetic that provides a sense of vitality to the apartment. This is achieved through the use of clean lines, minimalist detailing, and contemporary finishes. The result is a sophisticated and stylish living space that will appeal to a wide range of potential buyers or renters. The duplex layout of the apartment offers a sense of privacy and separation between the living and sleeping areas. The upper level features a master suite with a spacious bedroom, dressing area, and ensuite bathroom, while the lower level includes a second bedroom and bathroom, along with an open plan living, dining, and kitchen area.

Overall, forresterarchitects have once again demonstrated their expertise in creating stylish and functional living spaces that meet the needs of their clients. The new duplex penthouse in St. John’s Wood is a testament to their skill and creativity, offering a sleek and modern living space that is both luxurious and practical. forresterarchitects have successfully created a beautiful and functional living space that is sure to be a desirable investment property for years to come.

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