A little retail therapy for a boutique retail refurbishment in Mayfair.

Retail Refurbishment | Architects for Westminster | Mayfair, West London

forresterarchitects have recently finished a refurbishment of Rupert Sanderson’s boutique shop in Central London. The aim was to create more office space for the growing international business, so an upgrade to the power and data infrastructure was necessary. Additionally, a new first-floor gallery space has been created to showcase upcoming fashion collections.

The project involved creating more office workstations, which required a complete overhaul of the space. forresterarchitects designed a new layout that maximised the available floor area, ensuring that the new workstations were both functional and stylish. The power and data infrastructure is upgraded to accommodate the needs of a modern retail business, ensuring that the store can handle the pace of growth it is currently experiencing.

One of the main features of the refurbishment is the new first-floor gallery space.  This space was specifically designed to showcase Rupert Sanderson’s latest fashion collections. The new gallery space is a modern and stylish addition to the store, with a minimalist design that showcases the collections in an elegant and sophisticated way. The space is well-lit and airy, providing the perfect backdrop for the latest fashion trends. forresterarchitects worked closely with the client to ensure that the space was tailored to their specific needs and requirements, while also being visually appealing to customers.

Overall, the retail refurbishment for Rupert Sanderson’s Central London boutique shop is a success. The new workstations, upgraded infrastructure, and first-floor gallery space have transformed the store into a modern and functional space that can accommodate the growing demands of the business while also providing a visually appealing environment for customers.