Our Conservation Area house refurbishment features in Don’t Move, Improve!

Don’t Move Improve | Architects for Belsize Park | Camden, North London

Don’t Move Improve. A new rear extension and house refurbishment in North West London improves a fine semi-detached house in Belsize Park. A series of angled facets reconnects the rear extension with the garden to give a unique architectural solution. As with most Victorian houses, the kitchen is too small for a house of this size. Only a modest kitchen sink window the offers a glimpse of the glorious gardens beyond. The client wanted the house to feel better connected to the garden. The extension is expressed as series of solid and void angled facets. They have been used to set up a notional hierarchy to give a level of transparency between the house and gardenThe kitchen enjoys a longer footprint with a frameless window to give views across the neighbouring gardens. Exposed timber joists incorporate low energy strip lighting across the kitche


An inside-outside garden extension.

Inside-Outside Garden Extension | Architects for Lewisham | Forrester Architects

forresterarchitects have designed an innovative inside-outside garden extension for a client in South London who has a love for their long mature garden. The garden room design proposal aims to bring the garden into the new kitchen and dining room space, which will be a seamless addition to the existing building.

The original London brickwork facade of the garden room will undulate along its length, providing glimpses of the garden in all directions. This unique design concept results in a fine garden room that is both functional and visually striking. The undulating form of the facade is an innovative approach that allows the garden room to seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. The result is a space that feels connected to the outdoors, while still providing all the comforts of an indoor living space. The garden room is designed to be a versatile space that can be used for a variety of purposes. It will serve as an extension to the existing kitchen and dining room, providing additional space for entertaining or relaxation. The undulating form of the facade also creates interesting shadows and patterns throughout the day, adding to the visual interest of the space.

The unique design concept of the undulating brickwork facade provides glimpses of the garden in all directions, resulting in a fine garden room that seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings. The garden room is a versatile space that can be used for a variety of purposes, making it a valuable addition to the client’s home.


A new-build house near Hampstead Village.

New Build House | Architects for North West London | Forrester Architects

We’re looking into a new build house solution for a current client. There is already a house on the plot but it is considered by Camden Planning of no architectural merit. It will be demolished. In its place a new open plan house of approximately 3000sq/ft. Near to Hampstead Village, the house will be set within the local conservation area. Our client is keen to avoid over developing the site and the house will not be overbearing scale and massing. The street facade will present a masonry frontage to complement the traditional context. To the rear, the garden is South facing and a sustainable energy strategy will be adopted to make the most of its perfect aspect.


Ground source heat from an English country garden.

English Country House | Architects for South Bucks | Forrester Architects

forresterarchitects is currently working on an exciting English Country House in South Buckinghamshire. The project involves the design and construction of a seven-bedroom English country house for a young family. The client has placed a strong emphasis on adopting a renewable energy strategy for the house, swimming pool, and car garage.

forresterarchitects have incorporated various innovative features into the design to ensure the energy efficiency of the house. To the rear of the house, ground source heating, solar PV, and solar thermal provision have been integrated into the garden and house design. This renewable energy strategy will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the house and help to create a more sustainable future. Despite the emphasis on modern technology and sustainability, the house’s design is traditional in every detail. forresterarchitects have taken inspiration from the classic English country house style and incorporated various features into the design, such as sash windows, a pitched roof, and a grand entrance. These traditional features provide the house with a timeless elegance and sense of heritage. However, forresterarchitects have also ensured that the house is modern in outlook, incorporating contemporary design elements into the project. The interior of the house is designed to provide a bright, open, and spacious living environment that is perfect for modern family living.

The project incorporates innovative technology and sustainable features to reduce the carbon footprint of the house. The design is traditional in every detail but modern in outlook, creating a timeless and elegant living environment that is perfect for a modern family.


A view from our new loft space in South London.

New Loft Office | Architects for South London | Bermondsey

forresterarchitects has recently relocated to a loft-style penthouse office in the Bermondsey area of South London. The office is shared with interior design company Callender Howorth, and we’re excited about the possibilities this new space offers. The office is located in a former tannery, which is undergoing an extensive but thoughtful refurbishment. The building’s exposed beam ceiling and timber floors have been retained, as have its steel-framed windows.

Our new loft office is a carefully considered redevelopment of the tannery building. We’ve made sure to preserve its unique character and industrial aesthetic while also modernising the space to meet our needs. The loft-style layout allows for an open, collaborative work environment, while the large windows let in plenty of natural light and offer views of the surrounding area. We’re also excited about the opportunities that the Bermondsey area offers. Located in South London, it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood that’s home to a growing creative community. There are plenty of new restaurants, bars, and shops opening up in the area, making it an exciting place to work and explore.

Overall, our new loft office in Bermondsey is a fantastic space that’s perfect for our practice. We’re thrilled to be working in such an inspiring environment and are looking forward to all the new opportunities it brings.



A peek over the parapet.

Infill Parapet Extension | Architects for Tufnell Park | Islington

forresterarchitects recently designed an infill parapet extension for a townhouse in Tufnell Park, Islington. The new extension offers a breathtaking view of the setting sun, as it peeks over the parapet wall. The extension was constructed within a lovely mature garden, which adds a touch of natural beauty to the property.

One of the notable features of this new extension is the relocation of the kitchen, which now frames stunning views of the garden. This strategic positioning allows for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. The high level skylight on the west side of the extension further enhances the view of the sunset, adding a warm and welcoming ambiance to the space. forresterarchitects’ design approach focused on maximising the use of natural light and enhancing the visual connectivity between the interior and exterior spaces. The result is an extension that not only offers a stunning view of the garden and sunset, but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the townhouse’s overall aesthetic.

This project showcases forresterarchitects’ expertise in designing extensions that complement and enhance the existing context. Our work in Tufnell Park and Islington demonstrates their ability to create modern and functional living spaces while preserving the traditional charm of the area.


A Grange in Yorkshire with a sustainable future.

Sustainable Grange | Architects for Leyburn | Yorkshire Dales

 The new owners are very excited by their find; an extensive refurbishment will be necessary to provide a sustainable Grange for the future. A traditional Grange and barn in Yorkshire has been neglected for many years. Its location and off grid status makes a sustainable heat strategy the most viable solution for the futureSet within remote farmland it will provide ground source heat as the most cost effective solution for a self-sufficiencyThe house has some wonderful features with exposed timber beams, a stone tiled roof and half a metre thick solid walls all to be retained as originalThe character of the house will be complimented by a full house refurbishment and insulating the property is a priority. The barn will be used by the boys as a bunk room and will function away from the house.


Avoid the conventional and there is no Downside!

House Refurbishment  | Architects for Camden | Belsize Park, North West London

The fine semi-detached Villa’s of Belsize Park, North West London is in a wonderful setting. Separated by only the small side passages between the houses. Only the neighbouring houses form a boundary to the gardens, which are long, wide and mature in foliage. This is the setting for our latest full house refurbishment. The client wanted the house to feel better connected to the garden. 
An accordion arrangement is explored as a concept for the extension. A series of angled facets have been used to establish a notional hierarchy to the kitchen. Expressed as solid and void walls the facets provide a level of transparency and privacy between the house and gardenThe staggered configuration of the extension creates framed views of the garden and a unique architectural solution. See four new build houses realised to an inner city brownfield site.
The innovative design avoids the usual full width house extensionThe shift in geometry allows the extension to reveal a series of layered materials to reach out and touch the garden. All contained beneath the asymmetrical roof form. The roof is formed in timber and painted with a special Swedish preservative paint treatment. It produces a beautiful matt red finish. The roof projects beyond the building edge to provide a simple solar shading device to south facing aspect of the extension.

Not the only way to do a dormer conversion…

Dormer Conversion | Architects for Essex | Hornchurch, Romford

forresterarchitects are nearing the end of the complete rebuilding of a semi-detached house in Hornchurch, Essex. An alternative design to a new dormer conversion complete with 6m extension and house refurbishment in the heart of Essex. The house has been planned around a new stairwell which has been repositioned to serve a new floor added to the top of the house. Every room has been reconfigured and the floor plan is now much more efficient. The energy efficiency of the house has been improved with new double glazed units replacing all single glazed windows.  At 6m deep, a larger than normal extension has also been granted planning permission to the rear and provides an open plan arrangement. A full architectural service was provided from inception through to contract administration and completion. 


A secret cottage in the garden.

Cottage Mezzanine  | Architects for Camden | Highgate, North West London

A cottage mezzanine has been added to the garden cottage. Our client has a house in Highgate that comes with a cottage situated in the garden. Despite its unique features, the cottage has remained underutilised, and the clients have decided to upgrade it into a standalone accommodation for their in-laws. Additionally, the space will provide a study area for the client’s daughters and their friends, and can be used as a party venue following dinner parties or for watching films.

To achieve this, forresterarchitects plan to enliven the cottage mezzanine by orientating it to run the length of the cottage, ensuring it remains a visual connection to the ground floor. This will provide a dedicated study area with extra bedroom space. To increase the flexibility of the space, clever joinery will be incorporated to conceal the bed when not in use. The renovated cottage mezzanine will serve as a multifunctional space that can accommodate the in-laws when they visit, and also provide a study area for the children. The clients can also use it as a venue for parties or for watching films, thereby utilizing the space to its full potential. The incorporation of clever joinery will ensure that the space can be transformed seamlessly from a bedroom to a study area or party venue, providing maximum flexibility for the clients.

Overall, the refurbishment of the cottage mezzanine will provide the clients with a versatile space that can be utilised in various ways. forresterarchitects have planned the renovation carefully, taking into consideration the need for flexibility and the unique features of the cottage. The result will be a modern, functional space that will enhance the clients’ living experience.