A glass Penthouse is added to a land-locked house in Bethnal Green.

Glass Penthouse | Architects for Hackney | Bethnal Green, East London

forresterarchitects has recently conducted a feasibility study for a landlocked house located in Tower Hamlets, surrounded by neighboring properties on all sides. As there is no scope for expansion on the ground level, the only possible solution is to go up. A glass penthouse structure is proposed, which will provide space for a new master bedroom and en suite bathroom. The design aims to maintain the privacy of the occupants by incorporating sliding translucent panels.

The proposed design aims to create an extension that not only provides additional space but also enhances the overall look of the property. The use of a glass structure will provide a modern touch and allow natural light to penetrate into the property. As the penthouse will be visible from neighbouring properties, a translucent panel system will be used to maintain the privacy of the occupants while still allowing natural light to pass through. The new master bedroom and en suite bathroom will be enclosed in the glass structure and will be accessed via a new staircase leading up from the existing floor. The use of glass will not only provide a sleek and modern aesthetic but also offer stunning views of the surrounding area. As this is a feasibility study, the proposed design may be subject to change based on various factors such as building regulations, client preferences, and budget. The design will need to be approved by the relevant authorities before construction can begin.

The glass penthouse project is an excellent example of how forresterarchitects can create innovative solutions to overcome the challenge of landlocked properties. The use of a glass structure to create additional space not only enhances the property but also provides an opportunity to bring in natural light and stunning views.