Convert the undercroft to add a little rental income.

Undercroft Conversion | Architects for Wellington | New Zealand

forresterarchitects is currently working on an undercroft conversion project in Khandallah, a suburb in Wellington, New Zealand. The site is situated on the hills of Khandallah and boasts a lower ground floor undercroft that currently remains under-utilised. forresterarchitects plan to convert this voided space into a one-bedroom studio flat, thus realising its full potential. The studio flat will be accessible via its own front door, providing a simple conversion to the colonial style house.

The converted undercroft will provide rental income to the highly sought-after neighbourhood in Wellington. With a large enough volume, the undercroft is ideal for accommodating the exposed hillside. The conversion will help to unlock the space’s potential and increase the value of the property. Our vision for the undercroft conversion involves creating a spacious and functional living area that blends seamlessly with the existing colonial-style house. The design will be sympathetic to the house’s existing features, while incorporating modern amenities and finishes to ensure maximum comfort for the occupants. We are working closely with the client to ensure that their vision for the undercroft conversion is realised. They will provide expert advice on planning and construction, ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

The undercroft conversion project in Khandallah is an exciting opportunity to breathe new life into an under-utilised space. The converted one-bedroom studio flat will provide a valuable addition to the property, creating a unique living space that is both functional and attractive. 


A new house forms a new book-end development to a Clapton terrace.

Book-end House | Architects for Hackney | Clapton, Hackney

forresterarchitects has been working on an exciting project in Clapton, Hackney, for a one-bedroom house with limited potential for development. The rear outrigger extension was sold as a one-bedroom house, but it has limited scope for development unless an additional floor is added. However, the house is a book-end property, and forresterarchitects see this as an opportunity to realise the full potential of the freehold plot.

The existing roof space volume will provide the additional floor space required to achieve a new two/three bedroom house, which will significantly increase the property’s value. forresterarchitects have carefully considered the design of the extension to ensure that it complements the existing property’s style and character. The project presents an exciting opportunity for forresterarchitects to create a beautiful, functional, and modern living space that maximises the available floor area. The new two/three bedroom house will provide ample space for a growing family and add value to the property. forresterarchitects have taken into account various design considerations, such as the layout, materials, and lighting, to ensure that the extension is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional. The new extension will provide plenty of natural light and offer beautiful views of the surrounding area.

The project presents a unique opportunity to realise the full potential of the freehold plot and create a beautiful, functional, and modern living space. forresterarchitects have carefully considered various design considerations to ensure that the extension complements the existing property’s style and character while providing ample space for a growing family.


A blue steel truss mezzanine transforms a single storey cottage refurbishment.

Blue Steel Mezzanine | Architects for Camden | Highgate, North West London

A small cottage in our client’s garden was under utilised but held great potential; that potential has now been realised. A new blue steel mezzanine has been inserted to run the length of the cottage to provide a significant increase in usable floor area. The cottage interior has enlivened to provide a simple but bold stand-alone accommodation for the in-laws. When the cottage is not being used by guests it retains the flexibility to provide a study area for the client’s daughters. Or in the evening it can be used as a party venue following dinner parties or where everyone can watch a film. To assist in the flexibility of space clever joinery will be incorporated to conceal the beds when they are not in use.


A farmhouse and barn renovation is now ready for a harsh Yorkshire winter.

Farmhouse Refurbishment | Architects for the Yorkshire Dales | Leyburn, Yorkshire

Situated in Leyburn, Yorkshire, a farmhouse refurbishment is almost complete, just in time for the wood-burning stove to be stoked up. The architects have ensured the house retains its wonderful original features, including exposed timber beams, a stone-tiled roof, and half a meter thick solid walls.

The retention of these original features has helped to preserve the charm and character of the farmhouse, while modernising it for contemporary living. Underfloor heating was added throughout the ground floor to counteract the harshest driving wind. The wood-burning stove adds to the welcoming atmosphere of the space, creating a warm and inviting living space for the clients. forresterarchitects have been careful to ensure that the refurbishment is in harmony with the farmhouse’s original design and style, creating a seamless blend of old and new. This has resulted in a farmhouse that is both functional and visually appealing, offering the clients a comfortable and elegant living space.

Forresterarchitects have completed the refurbishment of the farmhouse, preserving its original features while adding modern elements to enhance its functionality. The result is a beautiful and charming farmhouse that is in harmony with its surroundings and perfectly suited for contemporary living.


Picture framed views of Canonbury through a new Orangery.

Townhouse Orangery | Architects for Canonbury | North London

forresterarchitects is currently refurbishing and enlarging a beautiful Islington townhouse in Canonbury, North London. As part of the refurbishment, a new kitchen is being extended on the first floor to create a largely glazed orangery. This will provide unrestricted views to the rear of the property, creating a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior.

To take advantage of the stunning views, there is an opportunity to provide a large picture window arrangement. forresterarchitects are currently working on feasibility studies to determine the best configuration of the glazed panels, which will be arranged to respond to the rich variety of windows on the rear facade. The result will be a beautifully designed space that maximizes the natural light and views, while preserving the original features of the townhouse. The orangery will add an elegant and contemporary touch to the property, providing the clients with a functional and visually appealing space that they can enjoy for years to come.

The new orangery will be a stunning addition to the property, providing a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior and maximizing the natural light and views. forresterarchitects attention to detail and careful consideration of the property’s original features have resulted in a beautifully designed space that is both functional and visually appealing.


A stepped extension and garden studio to the rear of a townhouse in Hackney.

Extension Garden Studio | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects.

forresterarchitects have been commissioned by a repeat client to work on a full maisonette refurbishment in Hackney, North London. The maisonette will undergo significant remodelling, including a new lower ground extension that will provide two separate dwellings. A new garden studio to the rear of the property will offer ancillary accommodation with direct access to the garden. Meanwhile, a new loft studio will be added to the top floor and the existing garage space will be reconfigured to provide a discreet side entrance.

The proposed lower ground extension will be a significant addition to the property, providing additional living space and allowing for two separate dwellings. The new garden studio to the rear of the property is designed to complement the existing building while also offering ancillary accommodation with direct access to the garden. forresterarchitects have paid particular attention to the new loft studio, which will be an important part of the redesign. The new loft space will provide additional living space and will be designed to maximise the use of natural light. The existing garage will be reconfigured to provide a discreet side entrance, allowing for easy access to the property without disrupting the existing layout. The proposed design is an excellent example of how an intelligent redesign can add value to a property while also enhancing its functionality. The proposed lower ground extension and garden studio will provide additional living space, while the new loft studio will add an extra dimension to the property. The use of natural light and attention to detail in the design will create a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Overall, the proposed maisonette refurbishment in Hackney, North London, by forresterarchitects is an excellent example of how an intelligent redesign can add value and functionality to a property. The proposed design is carefully considered, with attention to detail evident in every aspect of the project. The result will be a beautiful and functional space that meets the client’s needs while also adding value to the property.



A new double height art gallery forms a new focal point to a townhouse refurbishment.

Gallery for a House | Architects for Belsize Park | Camden, North London

A gallery for a house forms part of the brief to a new full house refurbishment in Belsize Park, London. The house is tired but retains some interesting period features to the wall frieze and ceilings. It does need to be extended to provide an appropriate level of accommodation for entertaining. A key need of the brief is to provide an art gallery for the client and it seems a double height space to the rear of the house is well suited. The rear elevation aims to reconnect the house with the garden and provide a unique architectural solution.
To the top of the house, the windows are under-sized and the bedroom spaces seem a secondary consideration. We aim to open the roof space to provide a modern loft style environment for the children. The master bedroom will occupy the first floor in its entirety with a new bathroom, dressing room and study with great views over the city of London.

A mezzanine loft is added to a Belsize Park townhouse roof space.

Townhouse Mezzanine  | Architects for Camden | Belsize Park, North West London

To the top of a fine detached house in Belsize Park, the windows are under-sized and the bedroom spaces seem a secondary consideration; it was likely to be accommodation for house staff. Through a number of feasibility studies, we have highlighted the potential to provide an additional floor within the loft space. Our intention is to open the roof space and provide a modern loft style environment. This will provide a more enlivened environment for the children’s bedrooms. The ceiling to each bedroom is sculpted to form a void created between the mezzanine. A new loft stair will provide a feature to the new open-plan loft room with the mezzanine structure will be incorporated into the existing roof structure.

A new first-floor Orangery provides a fine townhouse extension.

Townhouse Orangery | Architects for Canonbury | North London

For an Islington townhouse refurbishment and extension project, the forresterarchitects have proposed a raised ground floor entrance separate from the main house. The main requirement is for a larger kitchen, which will be extended on the first floor to create an orangery extension. This will provide additional space for a new dining room to be included within the kitchen. The roof is also being converted to add two bedrooms and a shower room. A panoramic loft room will offer stunning views of the city.

The orangery extension will be designed as a series of dual pitched roofs, and the massing of the building has been carefully considered to avoid creating an overbearing and boxy development at the rear. This will help the extension to blend in seamlessly with the existing building while also adding a touch of modernity. The project aims to make the most of the available space and to improve the functionality of the house while preserving its historic charm. The design has been carefully considered to ensure that the new extension is sympathetic to the existing architecture and does not overpower the original building. The addition of the orangery will not only provide a larger and more modern kitchen but will also bring in more natural light to the house. The raised ground floor entrance will give a separate identity to the house while also making it more accessible. The new loft rooms will provide extra living space and the panoramic views of the city will be an added bonus.

The townhouse orangery project is a perfect example of how a well-designed extension can enhance the functionality of a property while also preserving its character. forresterarchitects have managed to create a space that seamlessly blends the old with the new, and the end result will be a house that is more functional, spacious, and stylish.



A series of lantern volumes capture views of light and sky.

Lantern Extension | Architects for Waltham Forest | East London

For a terraced house in Waltham Forest, the clients loved their home but were unhappy with how dark it was. The existing extension was located at the back of the house, which also served as the only bathroom. Unfortunately, it blocked light and the view of the garden, leaving the kitchen and dining room feeling enclosed. The proposed solution was to knock down the existing extension and introduce a series of extruded volumes to capture more light and views of the sky.

forresterarchitects proposed a series of lanterns that would provide a more open and airy living space. By moving the family bathroom to the first floor next to the bedrooms, it not only created a more functional layout but also freed up space on the ground floor. The new extension is designed to be a seamless continuation of the original house, with materials and finishes that complement the existing structure.The proposed design features a loft dormer that would provide a guest bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom. This addition would add value to the house and provide additional space for guests to stay. The use of the lantern volumes and carefully placed windows provides natural light and views of the sky, making the space feel brighter and more open.The attention to detail in the proposed design is evident in the placement of windows and the use of natural light. The new extension is designed to be a space that connects seamlessly with the garden and the rest of the house, with an open plan living area that provides a perfect place for the family to relax and entertain guests.

Overall, forresterarchitects proposed lanterns for the terraced house in Waltham Forest is an excellent example of how an intelligent design can transform a dark and enclosed space into a bright and open living area. The proposed design addresses the clients’ concerns about the lack of natural light and creates a functional layout that works well for the family’s needs.