Timber framed awning to form roof terrace to Dalston Lane

Timber Framed Roof Terrace | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects

A new timber framed roof terrace will provide a new vibrant and functioning commercial venture to the rear of the existing warehouse building. There is a desire to introduce an external roof terrace space to allow fresh air and daylight into the large landlocked building. Securing a successful planning approval for the elaborate roof terrace structure and awning will provide the motivation to invest and reinstate new state of the art recording studios. This in return will foster increased local employment and sustain Arts, Cultural, and Entertainment facilities within the local area.

A south facing roof-space offers a perfect location and orientation for a roof terrace structure. To improve the overall visual appearance of the roofscape a sedum garden roof will extend along the length of the building. In addition, a series of beehives will be introduced which will contribute to a balance between nature and the continued light industrial use of the building.

A bank of solar panels will be introduced to contribute to the client’s responsive and sustainable environmental strategy which already involves the use of a newly installed Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP).