A Grade 2 property isn’t untouchable. Add a glass box in the Jeffrey’s Street Conservation Area.

Grade 2 Remodelling | Architects for Camden | Jeffrey’s Street Conservation Area, North West London

forresterarchitects has been tasked with a Grade II remodelling project in Jeffrey’s Street Conservation Area, North West London. The project involves an end of terrace Edwardian house in Camden Town with a stucco facade featuring vertical sliding shutters concealed within the window cills, a key listed feature. The client desires an expansion of the accommodation, which is currently modest.

To meet the client’s needs, forresterarchitects proposes a modern glass rear extension that engages with the garden while remaining concealed behind the perimeter garden wall. The design’s aim is to keep the original features of the building intact, with the only sign of intervention being the profiled edge of the horizontal roof beyond. The glass extension offers a modern approach to expand the accommodation while keeping the building’s character and charm. The proposed design offers a balance between old and new, with the glass extension providing a modern addition while retaining the building’s original Edwardian architecture. The design offers a contemporary space for modern living and entertainment while retaining the original character of the building.

forresterarchitects approach to the project is a careful balance between retaining the original features of the building while accommodating the client’s needs for expansion. The proposed glass extension offers a seamless transition between the original building and the modern addition, providing a beautiful and functional living space.