A Victorian piano factory is going future proof in its new office fit-out.

Commercial Office Fit-Out | Architects for Camden | Camden Town, North West London

forresterarchitects has recently completed a commercial office fit-out project in Camden Town, North West London. The media analyst’s headquarters, which was originally a Victorian piano factory, needed to be upgraded and reconfigured to accommodate their growing needs. The existing building infrastructure was dated and at full capacity, which made it challenging to improve the functionality of the space.

To address these issues, forresterarchitects took an innovative approach to office space planning. They used dedicated furniture and workstations to increase the occupancy capacity of the office space by 30%. The new layout maximises the available space and provides a more comfortable and productive working environment for the employees. Moreover, the improvements to the power and data supply ensured uninterrupted access to the internet, which is critical for a business that relies entirely on digital information. The upgrades were carried out with the future in mind, ensuring that the power supply would remain on without fail. The design approach involved the integration of new technology into the building’s infrastructure, making it possible for the occupants to work more efficiently. For example, the use of high-speed data networks and advanced lighting systems creates an environment that promotes productivity and creativity.

Overall, the office fit-out project undertaken by forresterarchitects in Camden Town is a successful example of how innovative thinking can transform outdated spaces into modern, functional, and productive work environments. The upgrade to the power and data supply and the introduction of new technology ensures that the building is future-proofed, providing a flexible space that can adapt to the changing needs of the occupants.