Not the only way…a house refurbishment in Essex.

Semi-Detached Refurbishment and Rear Extension | Architects for Havering | Hornchurch, Essex

forresterarchitects is currently in the final stages of a semi-detached house refurbishment in Hornchurch, Essex. The redesign centers on a new stairwell that has been repositioned to serve a new floor added to the top of the house. The energy efficiency of the house has been improved, replacing all single-glazed windows with new double-glazed units, and adding wall insulation to the exterior facade to keep heat inside. Every room has been reconfigured to create a more efficient floor plan. Additionally, a larger than normal rear extension has been added to provide an open-plan arrangement throughout the ground floor.

The refurbishment has greatly improved the functionality of the house, with a carefully planned layout and the addition of the new floor. The new stairwell and floor addition have also added a sense of spaciousness and light to the interior. The house is now much more energy-efficient with the added insulation and double-glazed windows, which will save the owners money on their heating bills. The larger rear extension has created an open plan space on the ground floor, providing a modern and functional living space for the owners. This space is filled with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. The extension has also enhanced the exterior of the house, with a contemporary design that seamlessly blends with the original architecture.

Overall, the refurbishment and rear extension have significantly enhanced the value and functionality of the house. forresterarchitects attention to detail and careful planning have resulted in a beautiful and functional home that is now more energy-efficient and enjoyable for the owners.