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We are listed in the international design magazine House & Garden exclusively for the London area.

House & Garden Feature | Architects for London | Forrester Architects

forresterarchitects have made it into the exclusive House & Garden magazine, a top international design and decoration publication, as architects for London. The design master class directory featured in the magazine provides readers with all the information they need to renovate or build their own stylish home.

forresterarchitects have caught the attention of House & Garden with their impressive portfolio of high-profile projects across Central London. Their work showcases the perfect blend of creativity and functionality, resulting in stunning spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The directory is an interactive source of information for those looking to renovate or build their dream home. It provides readers with everything from design inspiration to practical advice on materials and suppliers, making it the perfect guide for anyone looking to undertake a home renovation or construction project.

forresterarchitects inclusion in House & Garden’s design master class directory is a testament to their expertise in the field of architecture and their commitment to providing their clients with exceptional design and building services.


An investment property refurbishment in the Cornwall Conservation Area.

Investment Refurbishment | Architects for Kensington & Chelsea | forresterarchitects

A beautiful garden square in Cornwall Gardens, South West London, sets the scene for a refurbished first-floor flat with two bedrooms for forresterarchitects latest project. Located in a desirable area, this property has been renovated to a high standard and is ready for you to move in or rent out. The flat boasts a spacious and modern interior, with two well-proportioned bedrooms that provide ample space for tenants. The refurbishment has transformed the property into a stylish and comfortable living space that is sure to appeal to potential renters.

The garden square provides a serene and picturesque setting for the property, with plenty of greenery and open space. This is an ideal location for those who want to be close to the city but still enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment. The area is well-connected to public transport links, making it easy to get around the city. An investment refurbishment in London can be a smart move, and this refurbished first-floor flat in Cornwall Gardens is a prime example of a desirable investment opportunity.

With its location in a beautiful garden square, modern and stylish interior, and convenient transportation links, this property is sure to attract potential renters and generate a healthy return on investment.


Yoo Hoo! A luxury refurbishment to a penthouse in St. Johns’ Wood.

Penthouse Refurbishment | Architects for Westminster | St John’s Wood, North West London

forresterarchitects are undertaking a prestigious residential development project for a luxury penthouse apartment located in St. John’s Wood, North West London. The client requires a fresh approach to enliven the space, and a simple muted palette is deemed more suitable to their tastes. The existing Rococo interior will be replaced by a large open plan configuration that offers a sharp contrast to the previous opulence.

The new luxury refurbishment design aims to create a sense of privacy and exclusivity. One of the design features is the inclusion of secret doors, which provide access to the other bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. forresterarchitects have approached the project with a focus on creating a sleek, modern design while preserving the luxury feel of the penthouse. The muted color palette, combined with the open plan configuration, enhances the sense of spaciousness and airiness in the apartment. The new design will also incorporate the latest in smart home technology, including lighting, sound, and temperature controls, to provide the ultimate luxurious living experience.

The location of the penthouse in St. John’s Wood is a sought-after residential area, and forresterarchitects have taken care to create a design that fits in seamlessly with the surrounding architecture. The end result will be a luxurious penthouse apartment that offers a perfect balance of modern design and opulent living, creating an unparalleled living experience in one of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods.

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