A new first-floor Orangery provides a fine townhouse extension.

Townhouse Orangery | Architects for Canonbury | North London

For an Islington townhouse refurbishment and extension project, the forresterarchitects have proposed a raised ground floor entrance separate from the main house. The main requirement is for a larger kitchen, which will be extended on the first floor to create an orangery extension. This will provide additional space for a new dining room to be included within the kitchen. The roof is also being converted to add two bedrooms and a shower room. A panoramic loft room will offer stunning views of the city.

The orangery extension will be designed as a series of dual pitched roofs, and the massing of the building has been carefully considered to avoid creating an overbearing and boxy development at the rear. This will help the extension to blend in seamlessly with the existing building while also adding a touch of modernity. The project aims to make the most of the available space and to improve the functionality of the house while preserving its historic charm. The design has been carefully considered to ensure that the new extension is sympathetic to the existing architecture and does not overpower the original building. The addition of the orangery will not only provide a larger and more modern kitchen but will also bring in more natural light to the house. The raised ground floor entrance will give a separate identity to the house while also making it more accessible. The new loft rooms will provide extra living space and the panoramic views of the city will be an added bonus.

The townhouse orangery project is a perfect example of how a well-designed extension can enhance the functionality of a property while also preserving its character. forresterarchitects have managed to create a space that seamlessly blends the old with the new, and the end result will be a house that is more functional, spacious, and stylish.


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