A series of lantern volumes capture views of light and sky.

Lantern Extension | Architects for Waltham Forest | East London

For a terraced house in Waltham Forest, the clients loved their home but were unhappy with how dark it was. The existing extension was located at the back of the house, which also served as the only bathroom. Unfortunately, it blocked light and the view of the garden, leaving the kitchen and dining room feeling enclosed. The proposed solution was to knock down the existing extension and introduce a series of extruded volumes to capture more light and views of the sky.

forresterarchitects proposed a series of lanterns that would provide a more open and airy living space. By moving the family bathroom to the first floor next to the bedrooms, it not only created a more functional layout but also freed up space on the ground floor. The new extension is designed to be a seamless continuation of the original house, with materials and finishes that complement the existing structure.The proposed design features a loft dormer that would provide a guest bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom. This addition would add value to the house and provide additional space for guests to stay. The use of the lantern volumes and carefully placed windows provides natural light and views of the sky, making the space feel brighter and more open.The attention to detail in the proposed design is evident in the placement of windows and the use of natural light. The new extension is designed to be a space that connects seamlessly with the garden and the rest of the house, with an open plan living area that provides a perfect place for the family to relax and entertain guests.

Overall, forresterarchitects proposed lanterns for the terraced house in Waltham Forest is an excellent example of how an intelligent design can transform a dark and enclosed space into a bright and open living area. The proposed design addresses the clients’ concerns about the lack of natural light and creates a functional layout that works well for the family’s needs.