Buying a Victorian workshop for your new office space? Add two floors of apartments to fund the mixed-use redevelopment.

Mixed-Use | Architects for Islington | Clerkenwell, East Central London

Forrester Architects is a London-based architectural practice that has recently submitted a design feasibility study for a mixed-use development project in the bustling Soho district. The project aims to provide a new, dynamic headquarters for a media company looking to expand its business operations.

The proposed development will involve the refurbishment of an existing building to meet the media company’s growing needs, with the addition of two new private residential floors that will provide additional income to fund the project. forresterarchitects expertise in architectural design for mixed-use properties makes them well-suited to handle this project, which seeks to create a space that meets both commercial and residential needs. forresterarchitects specialise in designing mixed-use properties in Islington, Clerkenwell, and East Central London. Their experience in this field is evident in the proposed development, which takes into account the unique challenges of building in the densely populated and highly competitive Soho district. forresterarchitects design feasibility study is a testament to their commitment to creating spaces that are both functional and visually appealing, while also addressing the needs of their clients. The media company’s new headquarters will be a vibrant addition to the Soho district, providing much-needed space for business operations while also contributing to the local community by adding new residential units. The addition of private residential floors will not only provide additional income to fund the project but will also help to address the ongoing housing crisis in London.

Overall, Forrester Architects’ proposed development is a well-conceived and thoughtful response to the unique needs of a media company looking to establish a new headquarters in one of London’s most vibrant districts. Their expertise in designing mixed-use properties in Islington, Clerkenwell, and East Central London will undoubtedly serve them well as they navigate the complexities of this exciting project.

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