A double-storey extension is proposed to West Hampstead garden

Two Storey Garden Extension | Architects for Camden | West Hampstead, London

A two storey rear extension is proposed to a fine West Hampstead maisonette, to replace the inadequate existing extension. The new design will rationalise the hierarchy of the maisonette with living rooms to the raised ground floor and bedrooms to the lower ground floor. In planning terms, the 45 degree rule has been applied as a guide to determine an acceptable form for the new rear garden extension to prevent undue loss of daylight to neighbouring properties, to avoid excessive overshadowing of gardens, and preserve a reasonable standard of outlook.

Searching for double story extension ideas can be a daunting task when faced with huge lists of mega-builds way out of your budget, you can get the job done by the professionals that did the Relocatable Cabins Brisbane to make a storage room and an extra extension on the other side.

Building an extension which spans two storeys can be cheaper than moving house in some areas and more budget-efficient than only building a single-storey addition, but where do you start?

Take a look below for ideas on what’s possible for your project, no matter the shape or style of your house. From detached and semi-detached, to terraces and cottages, we’ve selected our favourite projects in a variety of shapes and sizes catering to every budget to get you inspired.

Adding a two-storey extension enables those who love an existing house or the location it is in to rejuvenate properties and adapt them for modern living.

Not wanting to leave their detached house, Douglas and Karen Ness approached Ewan Cameron Architects to design a large rear extension formed of two ‘boxes’. The result is a new kitchen made by kitchen refurbishment perth and master suite with views out to the garden and woods beyond.

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