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A garden pergola provides inspiration for a new East London extension

Pergola Extension | Architects for Newham | East Ham, East London

The new rear garden pergola extension is perfectly orientated. The garden enjoys sunshine from the early morning sunrise through to the late evening as the Sun travels uninterrupted across the sky to the West. The extension will enhance and create a visual dialogue between the house, the garden and the sky beyond. A series of layers to the facade frame views and connectivity to the garden. An exposed roof structure extends into the garden to form a garden pergola providing a passive solar shading device to the interior and also using other decoration such as murale design which are great for any room.

Looking for house extension ideas? If you are planning on extending your home, then you will need to research what kind of extension you want to build. These 20 ideas from architects Melbourne will provide loads of design inspiration to help you create the best addition for your home and to get your project off the ground.

These house extension ideas below will give you advice about all the things you need to think about before you commit to extending — from how much value an extension will add through to how the addition is going to work with your existing home, contact professionals for any restoration, visit their website and choose how to start improving your home.

For a comprehensive guide to costs, planning and what you need to know before starting an extension project, take a look at our beginner’s guide to Building an Extension.

Another great house extension idea is to choose either a contrasting but complementary style, or make the extension look like it has always been there. The former is much easier to pull off well.

If you decide on the latter, make sure you are matching materials and copy the key design elements, roof pitch and details like the brick bond and even the mortar colour, or your new addition will look wrong.

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