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Our ‘butterfly’ roof is featured in Dezeen.

Save The London Roof | Architecture for Hackney | Stoke Newington, Hackney

The London butterfly roof is fast disappearing! As people don’t move and improve their homes, converting the roof space no longer protects the distinct parapet rooflineKeen to avoid the mundane lean-to extension, the new rear extension is a modern interpretation of the traditional London Roof form.
Hot off the press! The London butterfly roof is featured in Dezeen.
The roof provides an enlivened architectural language to the rear gardens of this mid-terraced house in North London. The ‘butterfly’ roof is expressed as exposed timber rafters. It provides a dynamic architectural feature and natural warmth to the living room. The original ceiling height was too low for a living room so it was necessary to excavate to create a more generous room volume. The new living floor level has been reduced to provide a ceiling height more in keeping with the rest of the house.
A new wood-burning stove provides a focal point to the living room. A new library wall which hangs from the timber rafters occupies one side of the living room. In the evening the lighting is subtle and located with indirect spotlights and avoids the need for pendant lights hanging in the room.
As part of the refurbishment works the entire ground floor has been reconfigured. The kitchen has moved from the back of the house and has been relocated between the new living room and the dining roomThe kitchen avoids high-level cupboards with two long counters providing an extensive work surfaces area to each side. The dining room has moved to the bay fronted room overlooking the street. The dining room retains many of the traditional decorative features expected of a Victorian terrace house. The colour scheme is bold and is complimented by the addition of a modern 1950’s furniture and light fittings. The dining room is now orientated for breakfast with the sun rising from the East. To the West, a large hexagonal glass window frames views of the small garden for the setting sun in the evening.

In through the outdoor.

School Library | Architects for Hackney | Clissold Road, Stoke Newington

forresterarchitects has been working on design feasibility proposals for Betty Layward School in North London, specifically regarding the improvement of the school’s library located on Clissold Road, Stoke Newington. While progress has been made in regards to the library’s content, there is an issue with external circulation. The entrance to the school is situated between two townhouses, making it difficult for parents and children to drop off in the morning due to restricted width, leading to bottlenecking at the entrance. In response, alternative strategies are being implemented, such as a large loop around the perimeter of the school to provide some relief. However, this requires entering the school through the car park and exiting through the front gate. While this circular route does alleviate the feeling of swimming against the tide of parents when leaving the school, further strategies are being explored to improve external circulation.

Despite these circulation issues, the library has been well-received by the students and is in high demand, with books flying off the shelves. forresterarchitects have focused on creating a functional and attractive space for the students to learn and explore literature, as well as incorporating modern design elements to enhance the library’s overall aesthetic appeal. The library’s design reflects the school’s commitment to creating a welcoming and inspiring learning environment for its students.

Overall, forresterarchitects is dedicated to working with Betty Layward School to ensure that its facilities meet the needs of its students and staff, while also contributing positively to the surrounding community in Hackney. The proposed improvements to the school, including the library and external circulation, are just one step in this ongoing partnership.

A secret cottage in a Highgate garden


Our non-conformist house extension is shortlisted for Don’t Move, Improve! 2016

Don’t Move Improve | Architects for Hackney | Stoke Newington, North London

Shortlisted by New London Architecture for a Don’t Move Improve awardA modern interpretation of the London Roof it provides a modern and unique language for the rear of the mid terraced house. The roof structure is expressed as exposed timber rafter with a plywood ceiling which adds a simple but natural warmth to the interior. The roof construction avoids the traditional roof construction of slate tile. Instead, a single polymeric roof membrane is used to provide a well insulated lightweight warm roof construction.
As part of the reconfiguration works the kitchen has moved into the middle of the house floor plan. A new open plan galley kitchen provides a better connection between the lounge to the rear and the dining room. The dining room is now orientated for the early morning sun-rise to the East and ideal for breakfast. A large hexagonal glass window frames views of the small urban garden from the living room to the West.
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