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A Grange in Yorkshire with a sustainable future.

Sustainable Farmhouse Grange | Architects for Leyburn | Yorkshire Dales

A traditional Grange and barn in Yorkshire has been neglected for many years. The new owners are very excited by their find; an extensive refurbishment will be necessary. Its location and off grid status makes a sustainable heat strategy the most viable solution for the futureSet within remote farmland it will provide ground source heat as the most cost effective solution for a self-sufficiencyThe house has some wonderful features with exposed timber beams, a stone tiled roof and half a metre thick solid walls all to be retained as originalThe character of the house will be complimented by a full house refurbishment and insulating the property is a priority. The barn will be used by the boys as a bunk room and will function away from the house.


Double-height maisonette in the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area.

Double-Height Maisonette | Architects for Camden | Dartmouth Park Road, North West London

forresterarchitects are working on the complete reconfiguration of a two-bedroom double-height maisonette on Dartmouth Park Road in North West London. The maisonette currently has a fine South facing aspect. However, the internal layout is to be entirely reconfigured to create an open plan double-height space with the main living rooms moved to the rear of the property. This will provide better connectivity with the rear garden and make the maisonette feel more like a new house.

Two additional bedrooms will be relocated to the rear of the property. The redesign will create an open and airy space with natural light flooding in from the rear garden. The new living space will be perfect for entertaining and relaxing. The redesign will also improve the functionality of the space, making it more practical for modern living. The redesign of the double-height maisonette will provide a much-improved living environment for the clients. The reconfiguration will allow for a better use of space, creating a more open and inviting atmosphere. The new design will also bring the living areas closer to the rear garden, providing an improved connection to nature.

forresterarchitects are known for their innovative designs that combine functionality with style. The redesign of this maisonette is no exception. With their attention to detail and their understanding of the needs of modern living, the new design promises to create a unique and practical living space. The project is currently in the planning stages, and work is expected to begin soon.


A country house refurbishment in Cambridge.

Country House | Architects for Cambridge | Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire

For a project in Great Shelford, Cambridge, forresterarchitects are collaborating with Callender Howorth. The aim is to provide a contemporary refurbishment that revitalises the interconnected buildings while respecting their traditional materials. The plan is to enhance the original features with modern accents to create a refreshed environment. To provide additional space, a new roof conversion is being added to the main house, creating a sizable extra floor that will be dedicated to accommodating an au pair.

The project aims to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the needs and desires of the occupants. The design proposal involves an innovative approach that draws on the traditional elements of the buildings, while incorporating modern design principles. The result is a space that is both classic and contemporary, with a sense of warmth and comfort. The main house and outbuildings will be interconnected in a way that allows the space to flow seamlessly, with each area having its own distinct character. The design will make use of natural light, with large windows and skylights to create bright, airy spaces that feel welcoming and comfortable. In addition to the refurbishment of the main house and outbuildings, the project will also involve landscaping and the creation of outdoor spaces that are in harmony with the surrounding countryside. The gardens and outdoor areas will be designed to create a sense of tranquility and relaxation, while also being functional and practical.

The collaboration between forresterarchitects and Callender Howorth brings together a wealth of expertise and experience, ensuring that the project will be executed to the highest standards of design and construction. The goal is to create a space that is both functional and beautiful, reflecting the unique needs and desires of the occupants, while also respecting the traditional character of the buildings and their surroundings.


Asymmetrically arranged windows overlook a mews house courtyard garden in Belsize Park.

Mews House Refurbishment | Architects for Camden | Belsize Park, North West London

forresterarchitects has designed a mews house located in Belsize Park, North West London, with a beautiful garden courtyard adorned with a long-established ivy. The asymmetrical arrangement of the lounge windows at the rear facade of the house offers stunning views of the south-facing aspect overlooking Primrose Hill, which has been enlarged to maximise the view. forresterarchitects have cleverly designed a double-height living space to take advantage of the scenic view, and the enlarged windows allow natural daylight to permeate throughout the space, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance.

The garden courtyard is a hidden gem and provides a tranquil oasis for the occupants to relax and unwind after a long day. The established ivy adds to the overall aesthetic and creates a beautiful backdrop for the garden. The garden is perfect for outdoor entertaining, and the double-height living space overlooking the garden provides the perfect indoor-outdoor flow.

forresterarchitects has incorporated the beautiful garden and south-facing aspect into the design of the mews house to create a unique living space. The lounge windows offer an unparalleled view of Primrose Hill, which changes throughout the day as the natural light shifts. The natural light adds a sense of warmth to the space and creates an inviting atmosphere. forresterarchitects have succeeded in creating a perfect balance between the interior and exterior spaces, providing a harmonious living experience for the residents.



A double height rear extension to the De Beaviour Conservation Area.

Stepped Rear Extension | Architects for Hackney | De Beaviour Conservation Area, North London

forresterarchitects has recently submitted a planning application for the refurbishment and extension of a Victorian terraced house located in the De Beaviour Conservation Area of North London. The upper floors of the house are spacious and filled with natural light, but the lower ground floor, due to its North facing aspect, lacks brightness. The clients have expressed their desire for a brighter and well-equipped kitchen and a bedroom that connects more to the garden.

To address this,forresterarchitects have proposed a new stepped rear extension that will offer framed views of the garden from the kitchen and stairwell corridor, creating a bright and day-lit environment. A double-height glazed roof-light space is also planned for the dining area, with the aim of providing as much natural light as possible to the back of the house. The existing roof terrace will be retained, serving as an ideal location for afternoon gatherings and evening drinks. The house is currently configured as a three-bedroom private dwelling, but the proposal provides a fourth bedroom for guests with an extra wet-room shower room. The key to the proposed configuration is the retention of the roof terrace, which will ensure the house retains its charm and character while adding a contemporary twist to the lower ground floor.

The design takes into consideration the conservation area’s character and provides a solution that respects and contributes to the surrounding environment. The glazed extension’s massing ensures it does not become an overbearing feature but rather blends into the existing fabric of the building. The proposed extension and refurbishment will create a modern and functional living space that meets the client’s needs while maintaining the house’s original charm.


A layered extension opens into the garden in the Parkhill & Upper Park Conservation Area.

Rear Extension | Architects for Belsize Park | Parkhill Conservation Area, North West London

forresterarchitects have recently completed the contract documentation for a rear extension and full house refurbishment project located in the Parkhill Conservation Area of Belsize Park, North West London. The new extension was designed to replace the original kitchen extension which was deemed inadequate for a semi-detached six-bedroom house. A unique and innovative approach was taken to provide a striking addition to the mature gardens of the area.

The new extension features a series of angled facets that provide a notional subdivision of the kitchen. These facets are explored and developed further to define the overall form of the extension, which rises towards the garden to provide a natural shading device. The preparation, washing, and breakfast areas are strategically placed to respond to the garden’s sensitive setting, creating a pleasant environment for the occupants. forresterarchitects provided a full architectural service from the project’s inception through to its completion, which included the remodelling of the master bedroom and bathroom, as well as refurbishing the other bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom. Natural materials were used throughout the refurbishment to create a simple and elegant design that blends in well with the property’s original features. The new extension was designed to avoid the conventional and offer an alternative design solution to the rear garden extension, making it stand out from the surrounding properties. The inclined form of the extension is a defining feature that makes it a unique addition to the mature gardens of North West London.

The project has successfully achieved its objective of providing a larger and more functional kitchen extension while also enhancing the overall appearance of the property. The new extension and refurbished house have been well received by the client and are now ready for the contract phase


A double height basement extension to the Clapham Conservation Area.

Basement Extension | Architects for Clapham | forrester architects.

forresterarchitects, in collaboration with interior designer Callender Howorth, is currently undertaking a full refurbishment of a house located in Clapham, South London. The property is undergoing extensive remodelling, including the addition of a new basement floor, a double-height rear extension, and a loft studio. The design approach aims to retain the traditional period features of the house while incorporating modern features for a contemporary living experience.

One of the key features of the new extension is the direct access it provides to the garden. The extension has been designed to be double-height, allowing for an abundance of natural light to flood the space. This new addition will create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, ideal for social gatherings and entertaining. In addition to the new extension, the top floor of the house is being reconfigured to provide a new loft studio. This space will provide a versatile area for a variety of uses, including an office, study, or additional bedroom. The existing garage will be reconfigured to provide a discreet side entrance, which is ideal for maintaining the privacy of the occupants. Despite being located in a difficult location, the project has received planning permission due to the innovative design approach taken by forresterarchitects. forresterarchitects has been able to incorporate modern features while preserving the traditional period features of the house, which is located only a short walk away from Clapham Common.

The end result of this project will be a unique, contemporary living space that combines the best of modern design with traditional features. The project demonstrates that with the right design approach, it is possible to achieve planning permission for a dream home even in challenging locations.


A new maisonette to the Kensington Conservation Area.

Maisonette Refurbishment | Architects for Kensington & Chelsea | forrester architects

forresterarchitects recently submitted a full planning application for a new extension to a maisonette in Campden Hill Gardens in Kensington & Chelsea. The extension is a two-storey structure that will provide a new kitchen on the raised ground floor and additional bedrooms on the lower ground floor. The design offers a modern architectural solution that respects and contributes to the immediate context of the area. The simple form of accommodation of the rear extension draws inspiration from the traditional brickwork fabric to the rear.

The extension provides increased floor space, allowing for the creation of ancillary space without compromising the existing floor plan. The arrangement of open-plan living spaces and more private bedrooms on the lower ground floor defines a simple hierarchy of spaces. The maisonette is accessed from the existing communal entrance at the raised ground level and aims to provide extra space beyond the current floor plan, overcoming the restrictions of the lower and raised ground floor. Each of the new bedrooms in the lower ground floor will have access to the rear garden terrace, providing daylight and natural ventilation. As part of the refurbishment, the existing facade will be refurbished while respecting the style and detailing of the original period property.

The proposal offers a modern approach while preserving the traditional aesthetic of the area. By carefully considering the limitations of the existing floor plan and providing additional space, the extension and refurbishment will result in a functional and aesthetically pleasing  rental investment. 


Listed Building Consent for a Grade II Church in Denmark Hill.

Listed Building Consent | Architects for Southwark | Denmark Hill, South East London

forresterarchitects have recently submitted Listed Building Consent for the interior refurbishment of a Grade II Chapel. The project proposes the installation of a replacement screen within the foyer. The screen configuration will remain as the current screen, with large double doors that open onto the Lobby from the Church Meeting Room.
The newly designed foyer screen improves visibility between the Meeting Room and the Entrance Foyer. It establishes connectivity to the Chapel. Given the historical setting, the proposed screen has been designed to be a sympathetic addition. Being both carefully proportioned and made from high-quality materials, the oak frames and polished-brass detailing enhance the visual and architectural character of the vestibule.
Significantly the proposal has been designed to have a minimal impact on the existing fabric of the building. Sustainability has been considered as part of the submission. It is more difficult in historic buildings but not impossible for sensitive interventions. Previous improvements have been installed in Grove Chapel’s desire to reduce heat losses and increase the energy efficiency of the building yet retaining a welcoming appearance to visitors of the Chapel.


A simpler solution for a rear extension on Ladbroke Grove in the Oxford Conservation Area.

Rear Extension | Architects for Kensington & Chelsea | Oxford Conservation Area, West London

forresterarchitects has recently completed a design feasibility study for a property in Ladbroke Grove, West London. The client, who is a close neighbour to one forresterarchitects previous projects, Barlby, is seeking a rear extension for their property. The client’s father, who is a retired architect, had a clear vision for the project.

The proposed rear extension is a sleek and simple design, providing an alternative solution to the typical rear garden extension. The design is subtle and considered, blending seamlessly with the existing architecture of the property. Despite the proposal potential considered under Permitted Development Rights, planning permission is required due to the property’s location within the Oxford Conservation Area. The rear extension will feature a large open plan kitchen with full-width sliding doors, offering plenty of natural light and providing a seamless connection to the garden. The design also includes a dedicated silversmiths studio for the client, who works from home. A glazed roof-light runs the entire length of the side infill extension, allowing natural daylight to penetrate deep into the main body of the house. forresterarchitects expertise in working within conservation areas ensures that the proposed design meets all the necessary planning regulations while still providing a contemporary and functional living space for the client. forresterarchitects attention to detail and commitment to quality design is evident in every aspect of the proposed rear extension.

Overall, the proposed rear extension in Ladbroke Grove is an excellent example of forresterarchitects ability to blend contemporary design with traditional architecture, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space. forresterarchitects attention to detail and expertise in working within conservation areas ensures that the proposed design meets all the necessary planning constraints while still providing a contemporary and functional living space for the client.

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