A pergola extension informed by the client’s style

Pergola Extension | Architects for Newham | East Ham, East London

An inclined exposed roof structure informs the interior and extends outside to form a garden pergola to the South-facing terrace. As well as providing a passive solar shading device to the interior the rafters create a wonderful shaded terrace overlooking the garden. A slight offset to the rafter lines informs the pergola orientation to shade the interior from the sun path, which align with the wide boarded engineered timber floorboards to provide a visually interesting interior.

The client’s character informs the interior with a distinctly retro style with a touch of the Scandinavian influence complimenting a way of living, pairing its minimalist form with affordability. Add to that distinctive mid-century modernist furniture provides simple lines and natural materials to offer natural warmth across the interior.

More details of the project here.


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