A layered extension opens into the garden in the Parkhill & Upper Park Conservation Area.

Rear Extension | Architect for Belsize Park | Parkhill Conservation Area, North West London

forresterarchitects are preparing the contract documentation for a layered rear extension and full house refurbishment in Belsize Park. A considered and alternative design solution to the rear garden extension it avoids the conventional and offers a striking addition to the mature gardens of North West London.

A new outrigger extension is required to replace the original kitchen extension which was not appropriately sized for a large semi-detached six bedroom house. A series of angled facets provide a form which is explored and developed further to define an original form for the new kitchen extension. The facets provide a notional subdivision of the kitchen and define the preparation, washing and breakfast areas and aims to respond to and respect its sensitive garden setting in terms of material, language, form and construction. The inclined form rises to the garden to provide a natural shading device from the sun and drops to the rear against the neighbouring adjacent extension.

Internally, the entire house has been refurbishment to include the remodelling of the master bedroom and bathroom. The other  bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms are being refurbished with a simple palette of natural materials.